Nuvola Adds Detection of Headphones and Changes Approach to GTK Theming

The latest stable Flatpaks of Nuvola add a few tweaks. Firstly, Nuvola can detect when headphones are (un)plugged and mute, pause or resume playback accordingly. Secondly, theming has changed: Greybird is used as a fallback theme instead of Adwaita, and Nuvola no longer bundles other GTK+ themes but embraces Flatpak GTK+ theme extensions instead.

To install Nuvola, follow installation instructions at the Nuvola Apps Repository Index. To update Nuvola, run flatpak update --system && flatpak update --user in terminal (as a regular user, not root/sudo) or use a package manager which supports Flatpak (e.g., a recent GNOME Software application with the Flatpak plugin).

This blog post applies to the genuine flatpak builds of Nuvola. If you use a third-party build, contact your distributor to find out which features are available.

Headphones Detection

Nuvola uses the detection of headphones as provided by PulseAudio sound system. Three options are available:

  • Mute audio when headphones are unplugged. When headphones are plugged back, audio is unmuted.
  • Pause playback when headphones are unplugged. This feature depends on the availability of the pause action, which typically does not work during commercials.
  • Resume playback when headphones are plugged. This feature depends on the availability of the play action, which typically does not work during commercials.
Audio Tweaks with the detection of headphones.

GTK+ Theming of Nuvola

Flatpak apps cannot use system GTK+ themes because there is no guarantee that they are compatible with the GTK+ version provided by Flatpak runtimes. If your system GTK theme is not included in a Flatpak runtime, Adwaita is used as a fallback theme.

Traditionally, Nuvola solved this issue by bundling a few popular GTK themes with it (Ambiance, Arc, Arc-Dark, Arc-Darker, Breeze, Breeze-Dark, elementary, Greybird, and Radiance), so that there is a good chance Nuvola’s theming will match system apps. However, this approach increases the size of Nuvola Flatpak builds and does not scale.

Luckily, Flatpak has gained support for GTK+ theme extensions to address this issue and Nuvola has embraced this method by removing all bundled GTK+ themes except for Greybird, which is now used as a fallback GTK+ theme instead of Adwaita.

If the Flatpak GTK+ theme extension matching your system GTK+ theme is not installed, Nuvola provides you with a warning, which directs you to GTK+ theme selector in preferences or installation instructions for GTK+ theme extensions.

You can change a theme in preferences and there is a link to installation instructions for GTK themes for Flatpak.

Nuvola Contributes to Good Angel Foundation

Jiri Janousek, the core developer of Nuvola Apps project, is glad to contribute a part of the project’s revenue to the Good Angel foundation. This way, he can regularly help families with children, which face financial distress as a result of severe illness. Even small monetary donations can help these families overcome a tough period.

Nuvola contributes to Good Angel Foundation.

Thank You for Your Support

At the time of writing, the awesome people listed bellow and a few others are Nuvola Patrons, who support the development of Nuvola Player. Thank you all!

Christian Dannie Storgaard, José Antonio Rey, Ryan Wagner, Simon Law, Bart Libert, Chris Beeley,Andrew Azores, Bryan Wyatt, Balázs,Martin Wimpress, Denton Davenport, Ben MacLeod, Duco van Amstel, David Wiczer, Andrew Allen, Nathan Warkentin, Chuck Talk.

If you are a Nuvola Patron but your name is not listed, you have to enable the “Show my name and a link to my external profile page in a list of Patrons.” option in your profile settings. Obviously, it is not enabled by default to protect privacy of our patrons.