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still from Aja’s “Brujería” video

brujería 2.0

complicating commodification

Don’t forget: all your assignments for this class are due by midnight on Tuesday, April 27th!!

What we’re reading/watching

Cross, “Understanding American Brujería”

Galer, “The Instagram Witches of Brooklyn”

Herstick, “How the Hoodwitch Is Making Witchcraft More Inclusive”

“Throughout my own spiritual search, the books that were available to me were Eurocentric Pagan practices, Wicca, stuff like that, so there wasn’t a lot of material that was accessible that really touched on my cultural identification. I wasn’t looking to my own culture, to my grandmothers, who were right there.”

Bri Luna, Hoodwitch

Romberg, “Brujos, Saints, or Brokers?”



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Megan Goodwin

author of _Abusing Religion_, co-host of “Keeping It 101: A Killjoy’s Introduction to Religion Podcast,” and wikipedia-certified expert on (ugh) cults