Partnership and endorsement

In our last update, we covered the importance of having a dynamic decentralized exchange for a decentralized economy, and our plan for the wallet to bridge both decentralized and centralized blockchain services and utilities.

While focusing on the importance of decentralized solutions we also recognize centralized solutions are effective in connecting users from the mainstream economy. With that in mind we like to announce our latest partnerships.

We will be forming a partnership with Coinpayments Inc, the largest payment processor of over 65 cryptocurrencies. Over 200,000 clients trust Coinpayments to process cryptocurrencies payments for their services.

By forming this partnership, all Coinpayments users will be able to exchange their cryptocurrencies and transfer their assets to our wallet for offline storage after successful transaction when the exchange is live and the development of our plugins system is completed. This will further secure assets for all Coinpayments users and allow them to instantly exchange and convert cryptocurrencies and assets in a fully decentralized manner.

As for NVO, this partnership will boost the liquidity on our exchange when it is live. With a rapidly growing userbase, we can expect Coinpayments businesses to be participating in using the exchange and wallet offered by NVO.

NVO is the most important and ambitious project in the crypto trading sphere today. I am delighted to be a part of this team and see the groundbreaking technology through its development. The timing of NVO could not be better and it will allow the world to see a glimpse what fully decentralized and secure Internet will offer when the SafeNetwork is launched. We at Coinpayments will cooperate with its development, as it will pave the way for an eventual transition in to a fully autonomous decentralized payment gateway. 
Coinpayments will continue to offer support to initiatives like this, as we believe NVO and projects like it add true value for the real world and SafeNetwork.

Alex Alexandrov, CEO of

Word from Maidsafe

One of the key critical success factor of our project will be the validator secured by the Safenetwork. Knowing that we will be receiving help from the Maidsafe team if we run into problems during development on the Safenetwork is very reassuring.This help will ensure we are always on the right track and if we encounter any problem we will get the appropriate assistance.

We are delighted to see innovation like this on the SAFE network. This is a product the world needs and we wish the team the very best of luck and success going forward. It’s a fantastic boost to the SAFE community to have this level of faith in us and our network with such an ambitious project, that if successful could be a game changer in finance

David Irvine, CEO of Maidsafe

It’s great to see that we already gained some supporters in such a short period of time with amazing feedbacks from both communities. We welcome any new partners that want to work with us whether you are a blockchain company or a cryptocurrencies project. Contact us at