Temporary Exchange for NVST/BTC

We approached several centralized exchanges to list NVST before NVO is launched, but they refused our request due to the NVO exchange being a competing project to their own platform. This isn’t a major issue as the NVO decentralized exchange will be launched in several months. However, until the NVO DEX is launched, it’s a struggle for new users to buy and trade NVST due to the difficulty with navigating around the Counterparty DEX and with the current state of Bitcoin means that transaction fees are very expensive.

We want to do better for our community than simply telling you to wait for the NVO DEX, so we are pleased to announce that while development continues on the NVO DEX, we will also be developing a temporary web-based BTC/NVST exchange hosted on NVO.io. Instead of having to move Bitcoin to Bittrex or Poloniex just to purchase XCP tokens then pay to move them to back Counterwallet then place an order with an expensive fee, you’ll be able to buy NVST directly from other users using Bitcoin — for no fees. (Standard Bitcoin transaction fees will apply for withdrawals.)

We don’t want the community to trade NVST on an untrusted exchange, so this solution will be developed in-house. You’ll create an account, deposit your Bitcoin and your NVST tokens, and trade with other users on the NVO website until the DEX is launched.

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