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What have you been learning?

Hey guys, long time no see!

Heads up: This post is really long, but please read till the end. You really need to!

I know I’ve been away for a while, and some people noticed. I was talking to my friend a few days ago and she said she hasn’t seen any post in a while. Even my journals are screaming ‘This girl, write in me, I like gist!’

Tbh, a lot has been going on with me and I’ve been extremely busy. I’m starting a business this month, and I’ve been working on it, I’ve had health issues to take care of, work, personal development, etc etc. There were times that I got so overwhelmed that I’d just call my friend and share my burden with her or shut everything out and relax. Three days ago, I got so tired that my body decided to shut down and rest. It does this sometimes, but this time felt really good. Sometimes, I have to scroll down on my chats to be sure I didn’t mistakenly leave anyone on read because lately, I’ve been sending replies in my head but not physically. My friend came visiting yesterday, and for a good part of his stay, I was working. I eventually had to shut down my laptop because if I continued, I wouldn’t have had time to be a good host, lol. I decided to go out and treat myself because I’ve worked really hard, and I deserve all the good things life has to offer. You do too!

Now that I’m done gisting you, lets get to the business of the day. I’d be sharing some of the things that I’ve learnt/am learning in this period of my life.

I’m learning to be more open in sharing my journey

Two years ago, I subscribed to Devotionals Daily, and there’s a statement I saw in one of the devotionals that has stuck with me since then. It reads:

Sometimes, we go through what we go through so that we can help others go through what we went through — Kate Wunnenberg

I find myself in a lot of outlying situations, and when they come, I remind myself of this and press on for the ones who need me.

Lately, Salem King (@salemkinging on IG) has been talking about sharing your progress story, Chinny (@chinnyoh on IG) has spoken about how God will ask us how we used our social media to glorify Him, and I’m being more intentional about using my platforms to reach out to the hearts of His people by sharing my journey.

A lot of people have the notion that committed Christians have their lives easy, but of all people, I dare say that we face the most challenges and opposition from the world even though most times, we tend to bury it because we’re trying to be ‘cool’ or we’re scared. So I’m going to sharing insights of my life and walk with God as led by the Holy Spirit.

I’m learning about the love of God and the call it demands

I’m currently studying the book of John with my friend and the most profound thing God has revealed to me is this:

The same kind of love that exists within the Trinity is the same love that has been freely lavished on me

Please read it again and again and meditate on what it means

As a response to this love, God expects us to keep His commands, which is only possible when we stay rooted in Him.

I’m learning to involve God more in my daily activities

If prayer was limited to kneeling down in your room and tabling your requests before God, Paul wouldn’t have told us to pray without ceasing.

I’m rooting myself deeper in His love for me, and walking through every step of my life with His leading. Including my times of meditation, I’m learning to keep God more involved by constantly fellowshipping with Him.

I’ve learnt to stop glorifying suffering

In Nigeria, we have a ‘better-pass’ mentality i.e. providing an account of your own suffering which was worse than what the affected person is going through, and that is ungodly. I’m doing my best to keep such negativity out of my life and lips.

I’m learning not to invalidate/cheapen people’s work

People work so hard at the things they do. They’ve gone to schools or taken courses, bought materials or equipment, spent time, energy, money, tears, stress, rejection, trauma, etc. to get to where they are and just because you don’t understand it, you think their work is minute or not that big of a deal, but guess what? IT IS!

You see this free mentality, I’m ‘deading’ it, and you should too. I’ve made up my mind not to beat people’s prices below unreasonable amounts because they deserve all they work for and more. If I can’t afford a person, thing or service, I just find my level and stay there. No need to talk too much.

I’ve learnt a lot about money

I just concluded the book Business Secrets of The Bible by Rabbi Daniel Lapin, and it was filled with so much insight, both on business and personal level. It was also very timely since I’m in business (we all are, one way or another).

I’m being more intentional about my productivity

This particular one is exciting because my stress-triggered anxiety attacks have reduced. I’m managing my busy schedule better now, even at the cost of sleeping at odd hours.

I’ve learnt to love people according to their love language

Over 2 months ago, I read ‘The Five Love Languages’ by Dr Gary Chapman where he talked extensively about them (Quality Time, Acts of Service, Physical Touch, Words of Affirmation and Receiving Gifts).

Loving others is more productive when we love in the language that they understand not based on what we think love is.

I’ve learnt not to spend too much time worrying about my next phase of life

Last week I finished reading ‘The Defining Decade: Why your twenties matter and how to make the most of them now’ by Meg Jay, and I must say, it is one of the best books I’ve read this year. While I was reading it, I drew up a new life plan and I’ve decided to take things one at a time and stop stressing over things that are not currently in my control. After all, Jesus says I should cast all my cares on Him!

I’m learning to set healthy boundaries for myself

In my words, thoughts, and actions, I’m keeping myself off specific areas. Lately when I find my thoughts getting into the negatives (including things that make me harbor bitter feelings, make me anxious or stressed, etc), I verbally shout at myself to stop it and focus on good and productive things.

Not many people know this, but I’m a recovering ‘self-comparator’ (if there’s such a word), and I’m making efforts to restrain from such derogatory habits. Yesterday, I considered making my Instagram page a business one so I could monitor my growth, but I resisted it because I knew that if I did that, my progress on this journey of not comparing myself will soon be back to square zero.


I've learnt and am still learning to relax!

You see this life, I cannot come and kee myself! So when the temperature is rising, I send myself to relaxation mode. So yes, relaxing is part of my schedule.

Thank you for your 6 minutes (or less). Please share the things you’ve been learning in the comments section. Have a lovely day!



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