Blind Networking

This idea crossed my mind when I saw a middle-aged blind man in a bus, travelling all by himself. Made me think, how interesting would it be if people attended a networking session and heard each other even before seeing each other’s faces.

So the idea is simple, here it goes:

Just like any other meetup/mixer, we have a simple theme, say ‘What’s your story?’ where every attendee gets to share his/her story with a small bunch of people, say 50, in a closed room with a moderator.

The catch? Everyone has to enter the room blindfolded.

  • Each attendee is given a number which remains their identity throughout the session.
  • The moderator gives a brief intro and starts calling out numbers of people who wish to speak.
  • Everyone is given a few blank sheets of paper to take notes while others speak.
  • The speaker introduces oneself only as the number allotted and starts sharing one’s story. One is not supposed to say out one’s name.
  • Post the session, everyone is asked to remove the blindfold.

We are now open for Networking over tea!

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