Bucharest based IT specialist FogIT Services enables n’cloud.swiss AG to expand in Romania in the course of a strong partnership

The vision of FogIT Services to deliver quality above everything else, and put customers at the center resulted in a partnership with Switzerland based n’cloud.swiss AG to realize cloud projects in Romania’s promising market.

With a science-savvy workforce and growing domestic market favored by the EU membership make Romania a promising European destination for tech companies. An IT outsourcing destination for many years and various competitive advantages such as highly skilled young graduates contribute to Romania’s growing cloud market with forecasts of doubling until the end of 2020. Homegrown innovative companies are striving for operational excellence and cost optimization by moving one or more business components to the cloud. One of these companies is FogIT Services. The Bucharest based company took shape when a group of technology consultants and system engineers realized that, as a whole, they could leverage their outstanding skillset and provide customers with a full package in terms of both business and technical, ranging from pre sales, to implementation and consulting, to post sales activities. The vision to deliver quality above everything else, and put customers at the center of everything resulted in a partnership with Switzerland based n’cloud.swiss AG to further emphasize this vision.

Future growth prospects with cloud computing and cloud based software solutions are also gaining a dominant role Romania’s growing economy. While each customer presents specific requirements depending on the sector, they are operating, public cloud solutions, as well as private or even hybrid as a mix between both cloud deployment models are taken into consideration by decision makers. The main advantage of n’cloud.swiss is flexibility and simplicity in managing all workloads and resources. Moreover, TCO comparisons between n’cloud.swiss on-premises and major public clouds result in savings of up to 70% within a 3-year period.

On the software side, a number of services is provided by n’cloud.swiss. These are amongst others Docker and Kubernetes-as-a-Service, as well as API Monitoring, Analytics Hadoop, VPN and Cloud Watch. A unique feature of n’cloud.swiss is Continuous Development-as-a-Service (CDaaS). The award winning service enables customers to use a complete CI/CD environment while reducing time and costs in the development process. The cost-efficient solution is based on automated n’cloud.swiss tools and can be deployed in any development or productive environment without external dependencies. In short, with CDaaS, the cloud is being revolutionized and the possibilities become endless.

About n’cloud.swiss AG

n’cloud.swiss is one of the leading cloud providers in various markets. The owner-managed IT company was founded in 2001. Since then, it has been one of the very few companies in the cloud sector worldwide that can tailor all cloud models and services from Public, On-PREM or Hybrid clouds as well as offering “managed”, “semi-managed” or “unmanaged” support services. n’cloud.swiss also supports partners with its n’world innovation center in the implementation of new IT and cloud technologies with exciting projects for numerous business fields and use cases. These include, blockchain projects, machine learning, edge computing, AI, Big Data, etc. High quality standards in terms of security and reliability in setup and operation of fail-safe cluster-systems, personal support and competitive pricing models, API connectivity for easy and fast transfers of existing developments from or to other major cloud platforms award n’cloud.swiss a unique selling point. Safety through quality — quality through specialization and innovation. The certification of both their quality management and their information security management system (IMS) to the two standards ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 27001: 2013 prove that for n’cloud.swiss, these are not just goals, but lived values.

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