Understanding the foundations and opportunities of the next digital revolution at this year’s Crypto World Zug Conference

The changes brought about by digitization are reflected on many levels. In addition to an inescapable adaptation of corporate cultures, structures and strategies, it also turns our traditional understanding of monetary and payment systems on its head. Are you new to the world of Crypto & Blockchain and trying to make sense of this new technology? Then join this year’s Crypto World Zug Conference in the heart of Switzerland’s Crypto Valley in June 2018. Grasp the basic concepts underpinning Blockchain and Crypto with an emphasis on real-life aspects, use-cases, regulations, opportunities and much more. No matter if you are a technology enthusiast, a business owner, consultant, lawyer, freelancer or a startup. The idea behind this conference is to help you understand the next digital revolution.

Speakers like Blockchain Specialist Dr. Daniel Burgwinkel from n’cloud.swiss AG will explain in plain English the foundations and the opportunities of this next technological revolution. As a leader of Blockchain projects since 2016, Daniel focuses on Life Science and Cloud services. He has published one of the first Blockchain Books in German and is lecturer for Blockchain at three universities in Switzerland. In addition, he advises companies in the areas of blockchain and legal compliant data management and is member of the advisory board of n’cloud.swiss AG.

In the course of a two days agenda, plenty of opportunities to mingle and network are given. In fact, great opportunities are created when great people interact and we want to maximize these opportunities.

Image: impactcapitalsummiteurope.com

Book your ticket now here. Apply the 50% discount code NCLOUD_CWZ_50 when registering for the conference. The team of CRYPTO WORLD ZUG looks forward to your participation and remains available in advance of the event for further questions and information by phone on +41762702270 or by e-mail info@cryptoworldzug.io.


Tue, 12 Jun 2018, 08:00 — Wed, 13 Jun 2018, 18:00 CEST


Parkhotel Zug — Industriestrasse 14 — CH-6302 Zug

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