Making a significant step closer to a green future with smart cities

What does the digital city of tomorrow look like? Smart city initiatives show that the future is already here.

Yahya Mohamed Mao
Sep 5 · 4 min read

As we have reached the 21st century, technology has spread through the world at a fast rate. Technology is now a necessity in our homes, cars, schools and offices but have you ever thought of the concept of it being present in the whole city? Well, it already exists in many different cities around the world called Smart cities and many of us use it even though we may not know it. Examples are the GPS systems we use today to avoid traffic to having WI-FI enabled on the streets.

Smart cities have got environmental benefits due to the many solutions that have been put out there such as air pollution detectors, alternative forms of transport like E-bikes, electronic or hybrid cars and new busses that are either electronic or hybrid. One might ask what do these all have in common though. Cloud interaction, without this bit of technology none of this would be possible.

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ESB (e-Bike Connectivity Solution Systems) is an Internet of Things (IoT) solution for e-bikes and known for its many impressive features that solve all the problems that you get with bikes such as an anti-theft system you can control from anywhere on your mobile phone. Remote check and geolocation are other valuable features that allows you to know where you havve parked your bike or where it is in the case of theft. A cockpit and navigation system where you can save routes and see what speed you are travelling at is also another useful tool within ESB. While riding, you have real-time diagnosis if there is anything wrong with support and maintenance only a touch away. Most importantly, if you were to have an accident, the ESB system would automatically detects it and let your loved ones know.

It’s all about data

Data science plays a key role in this technology. Based on Gartner, 85% of data science projects never reach production and the principal reason is that industrializing the data pipeline is too complicated. This can be intensified in new hybrid edge-cloud environments. Infrastructure management, workflow deployment and application life-cycle control are some of the complicated data engineering tasks that have to be covered. Lyon based French deep-tech startup Ryax Technologies provides software that enables companies to industrialize their data science from edge to cloud. As a data engineering platform with a simple to use interface that helps data scientists focus on their expertise, Ryax enables customers to retrieve business value from the data and implements the necessary data engineering plumbing by abstracting the underlying infrastructure and systems software complexity.

The platform is based on serverless and microservices technologies; provides polyglot APIs, so users can develop their applications on different languages; and offers features such as data analytics’ pipelines automations, edge-cloud infrastructure management, distributed systems configuration and operation, virtualized and containerized environment deployment, batch and stream processing workload orchestration along with resource and application monitoring. Integrations with various cloud infrastructures, software libraries and protocols have been made and a specific function store allows the exchange of application building blocks to facilitate users in their developments.

Smart cities are the future and already here

Smart cities are the future, they are already here and they are here to stay. It is what is going to keep this world going smoothly in result making life easier for us and address all the challenges that come with the lively, active atmospheres in urban cities. By using technology many cities are collecting data with the help of university students. These analytics are then used to create solutions. Siemens have created an air management tool which collects analytics according to the atmosphere. This then helps cities know exactly how much pollution in real time and can forecast emission up to 5 days in advance. They are now starting to deploy this plan in Singapore.

“Siemens signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City Investment and Development Co., Ltd.(GKC Co) and Ascendas-Singbridge today to kick start the CyAM solution, through a joint development of the Green City Digital Platform in Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City (SSGKC). Located at the heart of the Pearl River Delta district, SSGKC is to be developed as a vibrant hub that appeals to global talent in the knowledge economy, and will have a population of 500,000 people within the next 15 to 20 years.” — Siemens AG

Strasburg is another example of a smart cities response to air pollution. Within Strasburg, CO2 detectors identify the level of pollution and know when pollution levels are at a peak. This is definitely a remarkable solution of temporary driving bans of some cars, dependant on age, standards, and fuel type.

The trend goes towards the creation of smart urban areas. One great example is Smart City Switzerland which supports cities and municipalities in the planning and implementation of smart initiatives. Smart City Switzerland definies “smart” as a way of working together with partners, with a strong commitment of residents and using new technologies alongside a funding program that informs, networks and shows new ways. It also supports interested Swiss cities and communities on their way to creating places worth living and resource-saving.

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n'world publications

The digital world of n'cloud is exactly how the world turns today. Changing, moving and in full motion. Explore the opportunity of getting the latest news and publications on interesting topics such as innovation, technology, cloud computing, blockchain, ICOs, AI and many more.

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