Hello World… Here we come!

Hello everyone.

We thought that is was appropriate to give you some updates of what we’ve been working on. Everyday that we start working we look for better ways to serve you. We have been brainstorming and putting things in the drawing board and molding ideas that could become reality. Today we are one day closer to opening our doors in a location in Downtown Orlando, Florida. Soon we will be offering personal training sessions in a beautiful setting where you will feel at ease to learn.

So what to expect for now?


As we work in opening doors to the public in the magic city, we invite you to join us in free group “Meetups” events. We are currently partnering with Microsoft to bring you a Meetup Event in the Microsoft store. Their store is perfect for this types of events and they will be helping us with different technologies. Apple users welcome as well, since this will be a multi-platform discussion rather than a Windows discussion.

GoFundMe Campaign!

We also started a GoFundMe campaign because we want to help more, however we need some support. Our trainers were discussing ways on how we can impact the community more and we all came to a conclusion that we wanted to help our Veterans. Specially those who are beginning to transition from a Military life to a Civilian life. Many of our soldiers struggle to start again in the civilian life and we want to facilitate them with the best tools nessesary so they can acquire skills sets that will help them find memorable careers. We want to raise money so we can get them certified in technology fields.

Another reason that we started the GoFundMe campaign is to help kids learn future technologies. We want to be able to have material and technology that is relevant to their needs. We are looking possibly in getting the new Lego Boost which will be amazing to teach coding. We are also trying to get a couple of iPads and Android tablets so we can show them how to code in iOS and Android.

As we stated in our mission statement, we strive to give you the best experience with the best information available for you to enhance your technological savviness. We will offer personal training classes as well as community events for all ages and all platforms. In addition we will expand to help local businesses strive with their current technologies through targeted training and ongoing support.

We Are Hiring!

The needs of our community will be big. Our commitment is to help as many people as we can. We are looking for individuals that are open minded, goal oriented, patient with a sense of urgency to deliver the best experience when training. Most important to be People Person. If you are interested in knowing more about opportunities with us please email us at info@nxlab.co . Our intended goal is to be a solid provider of knowledge around the Orlando and Central Florida area.

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