Tip # 4 (Learning): Start With The Basics.

When starting to learn technology, many times we overwhelm ourselves with high hopes and expectations. These expectations can be rapidly destroyed with false ones. The rush of having something done takes a toll on us. Frustration leads to anxiety and to disaster. Let’s be honest for a second here and really think about this for a second. Let’s take it back, way back when we were born. People are not expected to just come out of the mothers womb and start talking right? It takes a lot of little skills to obtain the ability to speak. The same is with learning something new, specially technology.

Technology by definition is the set of tools that helps us enhance our daily living. Believe it or not but everything around you is technology. The mere fact that you wake up in a safe environment and are able to turn on some artificial light with a flick of a switch, that is technology. At times we take a simple concept and turn it into something that is not.

In my journey into teaching technology I have come across some believes that are amazingly impressive, although some far from reality. At times, when I teach someone about new technology, specially “Cloud” technology I ask a very basic question. I ask: “Does anyone know what iCloud is?” ( referring to Apple’s Cloud service ), you’ll be surprise how many people starts looking up or pointing up with a glare of confusion in their face. It’s cute, but it’s also very revealing. It reveals that people, although working with technology in cyber space, still connects the term “cloud” with something so familiar which is related to somewhere in the sky. To me that is wonderful, because that let’s me know that I have just found something to related that makes a little more sense for them. Following the concept of “somewhere in the sky, or somewhere out there”, I bring them instead into a very familiar scenario for many. The ability to send email messages. Then I go and ask if anyone had send an email in the past. Many raise their hands. Then I ask if anyone had ever sent a message containing important documents or files to have them stored in their email, so they can print them later or archive them later. Many answers yes. And thats when I bring them back to basics. I tell them that the actions that they were doing is exactly what cloud computing is. It’s just that it had never been marketed that way before. However, that the same actions had a same goal. Save a file in cyberspace and then retrieve it later. Now, don’t get me wrong. I know the term cloud computing can me more complex, but just for that one moment I was able to bring everyone to a basic common ground. I brought everyone back to basics. Psychologically I did two things, I gave them back their confidence in understanding the new technology, and also gave them a purpose of learning the new technology in a familiar way.

The way that I was able to connect to those individuals was by bringing them back to basic. Starting with baby steps. Learning how to crawl before walk. Getting everyone into one same comfortable spot so we could unlock the endless possibility of the mind and tech exploration.

Thats exactly what this tip # 4 is all about: Start with the basics. Learn or relearn the basics. Apply it in many different ways including different creative ways and you will always will be in a very familiar place, free of anxiety.

Upcoming Tip # 5 will be something that will push the concept that I just described in Tip # 4 to the next level and prepare you to greatness with whatever concept you happen to have.

Stay Tuned…

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