Tip # 5 (Learning): Master What You Have Learned.

In tip # 4 I brought you back to basic. We had a deep discussion on why its important to learn the basics first before we even attempt to do something daring. Something unfamiliar. The rewards are amazing and they get you prepared for what I am about to talk to you about.

Tip # 5: Master What You Have Learned.

The feeling is so rewarding when we master what we have learned. Spending some time researching more about your specific interest and finding out if there are multiple ways of doing what you’ve learned is priceless. Mastery and experience speaks loud for themselves. And let’s admit it, it feels great knowing that you set a goal about learning something that interest you, and that you’ve mastered. Now that you’ve mastered, now you have choices that you can take. You can apply what you’ve learned and use it for your own benefit. Maybe you want to open a business. Maybe you want to help family members accomplish something that you have the skills for. Maybe you just want to give that final check mark of things that you had in your bucket list. Whatever it is make sure it pleases you and makes you happy. You may also consider my hidden tip which is reveal here now:

Tip # 6: Share Whatever You Have Mastered With Others and Inspire Them And Become a Resource.

This is my bonus tip. Have you heard about the saying “ Sharing is caring”? Well I’ll be honest. Its extremely rewarding when you do so. Not only you witness someone going through your same journey of learning, but you see their steps and you see their knowledge grow. For me personally, its an amazing experience and it humbles me a lot. I understand that learning something new for some can be daunting, having a friendly person by their side makes it way easier. Now with that being said, please be courteous and patient. It may take more than once to help them understand the concepts that they are trying to get.

Oh and one more tip.

Tip # 7: (Anything In Life ) Never Give Up.

Giving up is not an option. Trust me, you’ll regret it later.

Remember that we are also are here for you and for whomever needs us. I love what I do and also my team loves it as well. We are a small team and we feel pleasure doing what we do for all of you.

Thank you for the opportunity and hopefully I have inspired you to keep up with these tips.

Stay Tuned…

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