Arthur Penzl
Jul 16 · 3 min read

If you’re in ardornxt.slack you know I’ve been working on cleaning up the website, which has been running since Jan 2014 and a few side projects that I believe can benefit the Ardor ecosystem.

I’d like to present the steps I have taken, and I want to encourage you to test everything, comment, interact, and — if you like — become part of the project in any way you feel is right for you. has 3 main sections now:


They should be self-explaining.

I invite you to take a look around to get the idea, and I also invite you to chat, discuss ideas, give feedback and express wishes - to do this, all you need is a free Ardor account and a free app. I’ll elaborate on that shortly.

I am determined to achieve a number of goals. I will elaborate on each of those goals in separate posts. First of all, let’s get the magazine rolling again! In my humble opinion (as a veteran Nxter), I don’t believe in waiting for the news but in also creating the news. Because we have the tech to bumrush the show! No other media is writing about Nxt, Ignis, Ardor, or the rest of our ecosystem. The reason? Who knows. One specific goal for Nxter Magazine is to get featured on Google News. We will need your help with that.

We’re a small but growing ecosystem. We must keep onboarding new people — users and developers, and I have been wanting to make it easier for them to use and develop on the public blockchains for a long time — haven’t we all!

So we’re developing some tools for that (me, scor2k, and mrv777 initially) — and you can help us test them and will hopefully also enjoy using those tools with the platform, and maybe contributing to them. I look forward to letting you get familiar with the SIGBRO app, and to keep developing more services that are compatible with it.

We need incentives. For ourselves, and for newcomers. We have tokens for that. And IMHO tokens like IGNIS should be passed around and used. HODLing is one thing, and it’s good, but having a blockchain (and the world’s most feature-rich and advanced) without a lot of transactions on it, is… a pity. Incentives can be enjoying great projects like the Tarasca DAO, SmartVoting, Nxterpuzzles, or finding Ardorgate useful in real life, but it can also be as simple as getting tips and rewards for helping and for doing great work.

Most N[e]xters with NXT, IGNIS, or ARDR today, are passively HODLING on exchanges and waiting for Jelurida to take care of business and make them rich. Seriously… IGNIS tokens are the most awesome blockchain 2.0 tokens, not stupid placeholders for the real thing. They are useable in the advanced NRS client and ready to be implemented into real-world applications. Would you feel cheated if you USED some, while the passive investors didn’t, and then they got richer than you? If you do, we’re doomed. Blockchains are doomed. Decentralized networks are doomed.

Yeah. I guess I have opinions. But on the topic of incentives — if knowledge is not it, or building decentralized applications that the world has never seen before, or being at the very forefront of blockchain’s evolution isn’t it — will bring easy tipping back, and also announce bounties for premium contributions. The last goal is to build and grow the blockchain economy.

I am returning to my original intention with Nxter Magazine. Personally, I have an inbuilt interest in people, politics, blockchain, decentralization, and collaboration across borders and cultures. When I joined the blockchain community, there was an explosion of new ideas, discussions, and disruptive visions. Today, it’s actually possible to create most of what we imagined, on the blockchain we wanted. Today the tech is here, with Ignis and the Ardor blockchain platform, and the world will slowly realize it — sooner if we show it to them. We have the tech and the knowledge, the skills, to lift this blockchain project. With enthusiasm. And with co-work.

Stay tuned.



Ignis, Nxt and Ardor blockchain projects

Arthur Penzl

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Updates from the IGNIS, Ardor and Nxt blockchain ecosystem.



Ignis, Nxt and Ardor blockchain projects

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