Just sitting on your bags will not be enough

Arthur Penzl
Jul 12, 2019 · 5 min read
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We come, we come with horn and drum: ta-rūna rūna rūna rom! And you can walk with us.

Rumor has it that the Ardor blockchain community has the best blockchain tech and the worst promotion. Maybe you sit on some NXT bags, or you bought some IGNIS and ARDR at these lovely low levels.

Maybe you bought your first crypto in late 2017 and feel… bad… or impatient. Or in rage. If you invested in some of those stupid whitepapers offered as well-designed ICO’s by lucky riders with no proven blockchain developers behind them, you could feel like that. Most alts being 90%+ down and all. Even with BTC moving now. Or you’re mad at blockchain companies for using millions of ICO-dollars without having anything released yet. But if you bought IGNIS or ARDR you’re really not out of luck. You know that, right? Don’t you?

How I know for certain? Don’t ask.

Why would you trust ME? You shouldn’t take a stranger’s word for it. Test the features, use the , send , encrypted messages, or make use of the more advanced transaction types that are built right into . In-built smart contracts that are easy to use for anyone, like the cross-chain DEX, voting, DNS-system, multi-phased transactions, the decentralized marketplace. It’s live. You can use it, but you’ll be rather alone with its awesomeness right now, until more user-friendly apps are out there, and we have grown the ecosystem with you.

The momentary truth is, that the best blockchain tech hasn’t won — not yet, and maybe it never will.

Nxters, and everybody else with an interest in blockchain, the TL;DR:

No matter if you’re buying or want to sell, you may have noticed that cryptocurrency prices are climbing again, in fiat terms. As most times before .

I represent Ardor. Not as a core dev or some paid shill, but because I’ve followed it since it launched. I followed other projects too, and I saw the pumps and dumps. You can hunt them. Me, I am backed by a great community, the blockchain veterans. We want decentralization, blockchain scalability, and energy friendly PoS tech acknowledged and used by more third-party devs, universities and businesses and governments. We ask for your help!

Make this list your daily checklist:

  • Check for news every day. Share the news.
    On any social media platform, any language, to journalists, friends, in forums.
  • . You can write for Nxter Magazine. Got a related Medium blog? Share it with us. You can answer and you can ask questions, anywhere on the net, mention us.
  • Use. Play. Test. You can get free coins and help us test. Or you can develop your own applications. Then take it live. Check out .
  • Share your actions with us. Tell us , what you build — we’ll share it too, or do more than that, about your idea on , and we’ll send you a tip and do our part.

CoinDesk has plenty of times how little we can depend on “independent” crypto media to let the world know about new advanced blockchain tech. Nxt has been around since 2013, has run , been cloned and taken advantage of, Ethereum is to copy , and its not like Ardor isn’t live since Jan. 2018, running in production as the first scalable 100% PoS child chain platform, with and all.

But listen. Don’t expect new investors, developers, blockchain enthusiasts to magically find out about IGNIS and ARDR.

We have a passionate but rather small active community. We have groundbreaking technology at our fingertips, which is ahead of the competition if you want to call it that. We have a hard-working software company called Jelurida, who works on the Nxt and Ardor blockchain core, and who attends events, talks to strangers, reaches out to journalists, exchanges, universities, businesses, and who has a mission that does not include burning big money on big commercials just to pump the price short term.

They do a lot. Check their

In June ’18 we polled Nxter Magazine’s readers about how many claps the weekly would get if we cross-posted it here on Medium. Spoiler: Most got it wrong. Here’s the result of the poll — and how the experiment went:

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When the Twitter poll ended, our had 118 views and 764 claps. 43% of 83 voters landed their bet way off, and the 14% minority was correct. In other words, we had few but loud-clapping supporters who believed in the power of Nxter, ANG, Jelurida, and the Nxt, Ignis and Ardor blockchains, our community, projects, child chains, and businesses online, and our outreach. And who were waaaaay too optimistic.

The fast and furious investors moved on. Off they go, like the N00bs that entered the cryptocurrency market late 2017 for a quick win but quickly turned to haters of the blockchain and everything about it, because they bought at ATH, sold low, and lost money. And then blamed others. Most of them still don’t get why blockchain developers can’t reset a private key. ”Fck you, Facebook passwords can be reset, it must be possible!”.

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Yesterday I was told that Chinese investors sell IGNIS and ARDR because they realized the 5:1 to holders aren’t supported by exchanges. They have to withdraw their blockchain tokens from the centralized exchange to a wallet they control themselves. SO THEY SELL!!! Get out of here. Is this a snapshot of a blockchain community anno mid 2019?

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I hope you’re different. If you are really interested in scalable blockchain technology, and you haven’t looked into the Ardor platform yet, do it. If you’re a developer, there is no need to learn a new coding language, or wait for some future blockchain to be released, you can jump right in and start changing the world (and your life) TODAY. If you’re an entrepreneur, you run or know or work for a business in need of a blockchain solution, look into Ardor. Check why others ended their long research by choosing Nxt, Ignis, or another Ardor based solution.


If you are interested in being more directly involved, please .


Nxter Magazine covers news from the NXT, IGNIS, and ARDOR ecosystems.


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