Our Values at NXTP

Alex Busse
3 min readMay 14, 2019


Founders should do their homework on the VCs with whom they want to partner. There are many ways to do this and many things to look at. We believe that identifying with your investor’s core values is the place to start. You must align on them.

At NXTP, our core values are the beliefs upon which our firm acts. They inform how we make decisions, how we interact with founders, and how we carry ourselves as professionals. We think it important to state these values clearly so founders can know us better and so we can hold ourselves accountable.

It is hard to rank values, but we hold one above all others:


  • Honesty, transparency, and integrity. We don’t mince words and are acutely aware that the onus is on us to gain the trust of our entrepreneurs. These three values are the foundation upon which we build our relationships with our entrepreneurs and our peers.
  • Honor our commitments. Our word is our bond. This applies equally to the small things like punctuality or meeting deadlines. It equally applies to the larger commitments we make as a VC like reserving capital for follow-on investments and respecting the terms and conditions of an investment.
  • Demand Excellence. We expect excellence of one another and we have high standards for the everyday work we produce. We demand attention to detail, thoughtfulness, and a meaningful level of depth that proves we care about the work.
  • Professionalism. We seek to conduct ourselves with high levels of competence and professionalism at all times. Consistency in the quality of our work is something we value highly and we strive to meet these expectations with every interaction internally and in the work we do with our founders, investors, and broader network.
  • Value intellectual curiosity and exploration. We seek to be and surround ourselves with intellectually curious people at all times. The drive for knowledge propels us forward and motivates us to become better investors every day. This allows us to deliver more value to our portfolio companies and investors.
  • Think long-term and hold a long-term view of the companies. We believe it takes time to build businesses with long-term competitive advantages and think strategically about how our founders can position their companies for long-term success.
  • Forge new connections with founders, experts, mentors. While broadly speaking we are generalists, we tirelessly seek to enhance our domain expertise by connecting with people who have unique insights into the challenges our founders face. We are only as smart as the experts in our network and we love making connections that lead to mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Do good. We invest in businesses that want to make a positive contribution to society. We encourage and help our companies track ESG metrics and truly think through how they can improve the impact they have on their stakeholders.

These are the most important values we seek to live up to on a daily basis at NXTP. We believe they lay the foundation of great organizations and admire these qualities when we find them in others, especially founders. If you share them, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Originally published at https://nxtp.vc on May 14, 2019.