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What We Look for in a Startup


  • Do they seem smart, transparent, competent?
  • Do they display strong leadership qualities and an ability to inspire and effectively communicate company vision?
  • Are they capable of attracting top talent to the company?
  • Is there strong founder-market fit, do they show domain expertise, and are they customer-centric in their thinking?
  • Are they data-driven and analytical? Do they have a strong understanding of key drivers of their business?
  • Do they seem intellectually curious and hungry to improve and accelerate the company’s learning curve?
  • What was their prior experience? Do they show excellence professionally, academically, or otherwise?
  • Do they show obsession and unwavering commitment to solving the problem they are going after?

Market Opportunity

  • Favorable long-term market growth tail winds and opportunity for efficiency gain through technology.
  • Sizable total addressable market (TAM) with opportunity for increased software penetration.
  • Potential for current/future products to grow 10x+ in the market over the next 8–10 years.
  • Potential for regionalization beyond initial core country of focus (into Latin America).
  • Markets with local barriers to entry from international competitors.

Business Models

  • Software-based and capital light — we particularly like B2B SaaS companies.
  • Recurring and scalable with sound unit economics and high inherent product stickiness.
  • Differentiation and barriers to entry with long-term competitive advantages.
  • Attractive financial profile with clear path to long-term profitability.
  • High inherent network effects/operating leverage and sales virality.
  • Ability to leverage data/AI to provide business intelligence down the road.
  • Logical exit avenues (acquisition, secondaries, IPO).



From idea to execution, we partner with exceptional founders early on in their journey.

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