Coding Society: Change Ahead

George Prokopakis
Apr 30, 2020 · 1 min read

Everything changes and nothing stands still. (Heraclitus)

So, want to learn and practice interesting technologies? Join Coding Society, the computer programming club of New York College for students and alumni. We focus on:

  • Frameworks (React, Laravel, Django, SpringBoot, ASP.NET Core MVC)
  • IoT and Automation (with Arduino and Raspberry Pi)
  • Data processing and analytics (with Python)
  • Mobile apps (Android, Xamarin)
  • Content Management Systems (OctoberCMS)
  • Security and Penetration Testing (with Kali Linux)
  • Open to new ideas according to the interests of participants

New approach:

  1. Community and discussions:
    primarily on Discord and Slack (ask for link)
    also on Facebook group
  2. Meetings:
    Society will be always ON so we can have personal ad-hoc meetings whenever required, or scheduled meetings for important topics.
  3. Projects:
    Members can contribute to predefined Society’s projects or propose their own.
  4. Events:
    There will be planned tutorials and alumni-speech events.

Current Projects:

  • Trello project management app clone, with React.js and Laravel.
  • Quiz application using OpenTrivia API, with React.js and Django.
  • Same quiz application, with Android (Java) and Xamarin.
  • Using a wide variety of sensors and actuators, with Arduino.
  • Solving Kaggle and Google Hashcode past problems, with Python