Calamine’s Final Design

Friends in Healthcare,

Just like the actual lotion, Calamine has served its purpose and will now retire to the “medicine cabinet” indefinitely. It’s a little bitter but mostly sweet that I must report, Calamine is no longer accepting clients. Our work as designers and developers for some of the most dynamic individuals in healthcare has drawn to a close.

Entrepreneur — Sees the world as it is, creates a vision for how it can be and stops at nothing to build that future.

I spoke recently to a group of young entrepreneurs and left them with this sentiment. I stressed how important that last part is. Over the course of 2 and a half years Calamine has had the pleasure of working with some amazing entrepreneurs. I firmly believe it’s the entrepreneurs in healthcare, redefining the intersection between making a profit and making a difference, who will win the day. I consider it an honor to have supported entrepreneurs that view healthcare in this fashion and wish them continued success.

As for me, I’ll never leave healthcare and I’ll never stop building. It’s been an amazing journey and the number of successes far outweigh any failures we may have encountered. I’ll take a little time to build the next thing, but know that I will continue to be enamored and motivated by both the challenges and advances I have witnessed in healthcare.

While Calamine will no longer provide any services whatsoever, I will personally pay to keep the site up, as a testament to this amazing time in healthcare. A time when agencies like Calamine existed to improve healthcare. Perhaps one day, no more challenges will be left in healthcare. One can dream can’t he? Until then, I wish you luck on whatever challenges you may face in whatever you pursue. Just know, the challenges seem to get all the attention, but there are only solutions out there. I promise you.

Your friend in health,

Erik Ibarra

So what was Calamine’s final design? Actually, our last major project was for a company called Healthcoin, a blockchain-enabled platform for diabetes prevention. More on Healthcoin here.