Gym App

Pay and use facilities; gym app concept ( hybrid app )


There’s a pay- as-you-use gym, i.e. a gym in which you pay only for the facilities you use, when you use them. We have to design a system for it such that a gym- member can use it without help from any person. We could choose to make an app or a refillable card plus an app, whichever you think works best.

OK Assumptions

This was very obvious to make some assumptions with this open ended brief.

  1. Gyms have a set up or provision for this app/app + refillable card.
  2. Based on the membership facilities or no facilities will be decided.
  3. Card scanners or QR codes are installed in every facility door.
  4. The target audience is kind of mixed but majority is young people. 20–40 years of age.
“ hope it goes well“

The better option

In my opinion the idea with app and QR code works best for both the user and the business (gym); as the cost and maintenance of hardware is nothing.

To not to be self biased, went to some users and had a discussion about their daily gym routine.

87% of them carries their mobile to gym and only 28% of them carries their wallets. So the an app will be a preferable option.

Problem statement

So the problem statement sums up to:

Designing an app which will allow users to access any facility of a gym by paying some certain amount.

User research

A few people were interviewed to evaluate their experiences about the current way of using the facilities and what if they have pay & use kind of an app. We collected total of 7 responses from users from 21- 35 age group using a questionnaire survey.

Questions were like:

  • Do they use gym facilities and why ?
  • How often they use them ?
  • What if they can pay and use it when ever they want ?
  • What do they want in their gym app ?

User response

Below are a few responses which covers most of our target Audience.

Dharmesh Patel — 32

Gym Owner

Dharmesh owns a gym near Chandivily, Mumbai; which is always crowed.

His day starts with working out and ends with watching TV with his family. He has a wife and a one year old child which keeps him busy all the time.

“ About two months after starting my gym, People started asking me about the facilities. Yes, this might be a really good ad-on to my gym “.

Sachin Gupta— 27

IT Engineer

Sachin has a 9 to 5 job, his daily routine starts with a cup of coffee and ends with him having nutrition supplements. He is getting married in December, this year.

“ I took 3 months of gym membership which only let me access the steam bath on Monday! where I want 2 days of it “.

Story boarding

With user research we derived a certain no of flows by which a user might use the product.

Flow chart

Based on the results, we created a rough flow to pin point all the interactions, entry points and functionalities.

(Only payment method has been shown)


Due to lack of time we created “ LOFI “ wireframes with pen and paper and showed it to some of the users to get their feedback about the interactions and process.

The response were obvious; based on the feedback we recieved from the users, did some little modifications and started working on “ HIFI”wireframes.

“ The idea is good, I like your thought but this looks shit ! You should seriously see some ophthalmologist “


As the product is targeting a very vast user group. We kept the colors simple and subtel. “ Basically white and blue

White because it is considered to be the color of perfection, safety and it usually has a positive connotation.

Blue because it symbolises trust, faith, truth. Many people consider blue for calmness and the whole purpose of using facilities in a gym is also to calm yourself.

Red is the color of extremes. It is user to show the error states and main areas which requires attention from the user.


The selection of font was the only easy thing. As the brand is more of sports we went for “ BOLD and STUBERN “ fonts. “ system fonts

SF pro display


Now that we know what exactly needs to be created we spent almost 2 days creating the screens. This was one of the hardest part of the process. As the UI not only has be to simple, it has be to be appealing to the user also.


Due to lack of time the last round of user testing is pending.