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The Number 1 Attribute For Front End Web Developers!

Ok this post hits right home with me, as usual. Reason being I am writing off of inspiration but I realized there is one attribute or characteristic, however you want to refer to it, that every developer should have. I’m not gonna build up any suspension with this one. The one skill is….

Problem Solving.

I think if you can develop this one skill you can become a great web developer. Honestly this skill can translate into many disciplines. Especially in business this is the one thing employers want to know about you. They want to know in any situation or circumstance that you may come across how will you address your problem and what will you do to find a solution that not only helps you but can benefit others.

So because I spent the past 5 days working on one particular problem at work that I was STRUGGLING to overcome, or simply solve, I am truly writing on inspiration. So bear with me if my excitement seems to just jump onto the page. It’s hard to control when you feel like just conquered a mountain!

What Is Problem Solving And How To Develop The Skill?

I like to consider myself a story teller, or would like to be a better one, so before I begin into how to develop the skill of problem solving I will give a little background on this recent dilemma I encountered that seemed to just take every piece of my life and brain power to figure out how to come to a solution.

The story begins one Wednesday afternoon as a client called in about her Wordpress blog and questioned why her blogs were linking to a 404 page. You know the dreaded 404 page that says “Oops page not found.” At first glance I thought to myself oh this is a simple fix. As I began to walk her through the process to the solution she showed me something that seemed abnormal. I had no worries though. As I took a quick glance I thought to myself once again “oh I know what is causing this problem. Again I thought to myself “simple fix”

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