UX Hub Sketch Kit

In my daily life I try to be as minimalistic as I can, this approach is extensive to my work so I try to use as less tools as possible in order to keep everything tidy (it’s also less expensive).

For this reason when someone ask me which tools I use, I am proud to say that normally I only use sketch for my deliverables, of course I use others, like InVision, Flinto or Zeplin but these have a different approach and honestly, Sketch is still behind if we talk about prototyping.

So what are normally the tasks I do in Sketch? I think like more designers, task flows, interaction flows, diagrams, feature documentation or even UI analysis… so this is why I create UX hub, a library that does it all, free for you to download and use

What does it contains?

A set of elements that will help you create all kind of diagrams and flows that you will need

It also contains 9 types of different interactions to complete your flows

For the analysis part I include iPhone reachability test, so you can finally be sure off where to locate the components that you are using in your interface. For both thumbs, of course :)

Right thumb, left thumb on an iPhone 8 and left thumb on an iPhone X

Last but not least, 3 heuristic evaluation checklists; the classic Nielsen evaluation (Here you are a 4 minute read explanation by Eranga Liyanage), Gerhardt-Powals heuristic set and the more extensive list from Weinschenk and Barker. If you can’t get enough there will be more of these checklists to come!

You have no words, right Neal?

Ok, What do I need for starting using the UX hub library?

You will need Sketch (of course) and downloading the library from Sketch libraries (or from here, direct link to it)

You don’t need any plugin or anything, the library is ready to use and you will have free updates as soon as I update it.

That’s all folks! I’m not begging for applauses, but if you liked, please share, comment and stay tuned. Thanks!

I am Emilio Postigo, Product designer at Klikin and Waylet. If you want to stay in touch or whatever you can follow me on Twitter