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NYC Opportunity
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2 min readOct 21, 2022


If you weren’t able to attend our virtual information session for the Designed by Community Fellowship, you’re in luck! You can review the recording of the session here.

If you want to take a look at the slides presented, those can be found here. We’ve also included the questions and answers discussed this session below.

Questions & Answers

  • Is this a good opportunity for people who work full time or for students? We will tailor our meeting schedule to our fellows whether they work full time or are in school. We will be extremely flexible on days or times of the week to meet, although the ~20hr/month time commitment will remain the same.
  • I am not going to be in person in NYC during the time of the fellowship, does a fellowship position require to be in person? Yes, we will have at least one in-person meeting per month and we require fellows to be Bronx residents or have a deep connection to the Bronx community (ex. teachers, you work in the Bronx, etc).
  • Is this a good fellowship for someone to do if they want to get experience to work in graphic design? Yes! If you want to explore graphic design, we can build your professional development goals around that skill.
  • Do you have another similar fellowship occurring this summer or next year? Not at this time. We don’t yet know what Designed by Community cohort 3 might look like, but this blog is a good place to look for updates.
  • Would this fellowship be able to qualify for college credits? Although we’re happy to help with any paperwork you might need to fill out for college credit, we can not guarantee college credit i.e. the fellowship is not connected with any college or university.
  • Are individuals working in government offices welcomed to apply? Yes, as long as they fulfill the other criteria.
  • Do opportunities extend past the length of the program such as attending future events / networking? Although we currently don’t have anything formal planned, yes! We want our relationships with fellows to be long-term and are willing to provide any professional or networking support they might need beyond the terms of the fellowship.
  • Thoughts about the neighborhood, many African and Bengali residents are often left out when surveying. This is important to uplift! Fellows are able to determine who we want to speak to based on experiences exactly like this; to bring in voices previously underrepresented.
  • The Bronx is huge! Where in the Bronx is this program? Although we want whatever this program ends up being to serve all of the Bronx, our home base will be in the West Farms and Van Nest neighborhoods.

We also wanted to promote a low-cost wifi resource shared by a participant in this information session:

Contact Abigail Fisher at or (718) 724–6810 with any questions you might have regarding the application or application process.