How We’re Building Great Digital Products Inside Government

The Mayor’s Office for Economic Opportunity (NYC Opportunity) builds and manages an array of digital products that are used to improve the lives of low-income New Yorkers. The Product Team and Service Design Studio conduct user research, create user experiences, and work closely with internal and external technology teams to prototype, develop, and set ongoing strategy for these digital services.

Ariel Kennan
Mar 18, 2018 · 9 min read
Our public-facing product portfolio includes ACCESS NYC, Growing Up NYC, and Generation NYC, all of which are powered by the Benefits & Programs API. Together these products work to improve the lives of low-income New Yorkers and help connect residents to benefits, programs and resources.

Our Team

Nimble in-house team

NYC Opportunity team members participating in a design pin-up to give collaborative feedback on a prototype.

Strong partners

NYC Opportunity and Blue State Digital team members talking to a parent to inform Growing Up NYC.

Working within the enterprise

Our Process

Iterative methods

NYC Opportunity team members sharing tasks for the day at stand-up.

Incorporating design and user experience at every stage

NYC Opportunity training and outreach specialist engages a mother and child in research for Growing Up NYC.

Crafting the message

NYC Opportunity designer leads a card sorting exercise with teens for Generation NYC content development.
The editorial workflow in Gather Content helps us track progress and status on all content.

Using data and metrics

Excerpt from the ACCESS NYC monthly analytics report.

Our Tools

A culture of openness

ACCESS NYC is open source and available on Github.

Tracking process and progress





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NYC Opportunity

News from the Mayor’s Office for Economic Opportunity

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NYC Opportunity

News from the Mayor’s Office for Economic Opportunity