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NYC Opportunity Launches EquityNYC!


NYC Opportunity launched a new website that provides a broad picture of the state of racial and social equity in New York City. EquityNYC presents data on an array of equity-related outcomes, as well as the City services that shape them. It provides a statistical portrait of equity by presenting city data disaggregated by race/ethnicity, gender, and income, among other factors, and it catalogues City initiatives and strategies to address identified inequalities.

EquityNYC is part of the City’s commitment to promoting racial and social equity. A key part of this commitment is to identify disparities so policies can be developed to address them. In May 2019, the Mayor signed Executive Order 45 (EO45), which set out ways to advance this equity agenda. EO45 directs the Mayor’s Office of Operations, working through NYC Opportunity, to work with City agencies and offices to identify disparities, and to develop plans for ensuring that racial and social equity are integral components of all of their policymaking, programs, and initiatives.

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Collecting and analyzing data is central to this equity work. EO45 requires City agencies to develop standardized Citywide Equity Metrics that can be used to better understand agency practices through an equity lens. Participating agencies report what services they provide, who they serve, who they employ, and who they contract with. It also includes equity outcomes in policy domains across City government, from health and safety to education.

The EquityNYC Report contains a rich store of data on City agency performance disaggregated by race/ethnicity, gender, income, and sexual orientation, where data is available and applicable. It also reports on agencies’ contracting with Minority/Women-Owned Businesses and Enterprises.

The EquityNYC site makes this equity data available digitally, so it is easily accessible to a large audience in New York City and beyond. It was developed by NYC Opportunity’s product and data teams and policy experts. NYC Opportunity collaborated with more than 60 City agencies to collect and analyze data, and to develop meaningful and accessible ways to report it.

You can access the site here:



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