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The COVID Economy: A Difficult and Unequal Recovery

This post is the latest installment in a series of blog posts from NYC Opportunity on COVID’s impact on New York City. Previous blog posts have examined the pandemic’s initial labor market impact, unequal burdens of child and dependent care across gender, housing security, and inequity in the Paycheck Protection Program. This post uses data from the Census Bureau’s Household Pulse Survey to track economic outcomes in the months since the first blog post.

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Findings at a Glance

  • Job loss recovery has slowed in recent months.
  • Job loss remains particularly high for workers without a four-year college degree.
  • Black and Hispanic workers are significantly more likely than White workers to have lost employment due to the pandemic.
  • Over one-third of households reported experiencing high levels of financial difficulty in meeting their basic needs
  • Disparities in job recovery relate, in part, to the likelihoods of being employed in a hard-hit industry and having the ability to telework.

Economic Recovery has Stagnated in Recent Months

Disparities Persist in Anemic Jobs Recovery

As Recovery Stagnates, New Yorkers face Compounding Financial Challenges

Understanding the Pandemic’s Disparate Economic Impact: Insights from the Pre-Pandemic Workforce Landscape

Economic Shocks of the COVID Pandemic: An Unequal and Stalled Recovery

This publication of the COVID Data Analysis was written by Anne Hill, a fellow on NYC Opportunity’s Poverty Research team. For questions, contact Anne Hill ( or Jihyun Shin (



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