Corey Cash is a chef and hospitality consultant in NYC. He helps small businesses to operate efficiently and avoid first time pitfalls.

Meet Corey Cash & the 100 person Jacuzzi

It was Corey’s “CASH ONLY” tattoo that led me to reach out. Chef Corey has lived in the city since 2010 and keeps a running list of venues he approves of. Chat with him to find the best“hush hush” clubs in Manhattan.

Corey, how did you end up in NYC?

I was in Tampa, dating this girl from NY. I‘d been in a really bad car accident and was bedridden. She was my nurse. That’s how we met. Eventually I got a settlement from the car accident and we both came back to NY. I used the money not only to pay my bills but also to work for free at some of NY’s best restaurants. That gave the chance to touch base with some of the premiere restaurants in the industry, to learn their craft and make a name for myself in the city.

Where can I find the best food in the city?

I’ve been avidly following Dan Silverman’s food. When he was the executive chef at The Standard High Line I fell in love with his concept. Now he’s at The Regency Bar and Grill on Park Ave and he’s the best chef I’ve met. His food is a spin on farm to table, New American with Spanish and French influences.

What makes New York special?

Diverse opportunity and experience. You’re able to experience every part of the world within a 5 mile radius.

What is an ideal Saturday night for you?

Saturday night for me is spent in Bushwick, where you can see amazing graffiti and hang out with some very cultured young artists. You can also go to restaurants that nobody in Manhattan would ever tell you about, but you leave wondering “Why doesn’t everyone talk about this place?”

If I wanted to stick to Manhattan I would stay around the LES or The Village area. There’s always something new happening around there.

Where’s the best Nightlife?

The Meatpacking District, it’s continuously evolving. There’s always something interesting going on over there. Some of the world’s best chefs have restaurants there. The clubs don’t have that “club stigma” that a lot of New Yorkers are used to.

I know of a place where the dance floor opens up to a giant jacuzzi that can fit about 100 people. These clubs are intimate and only a select group of people get the word. Because models don’t like to go to the overly crowded clubs, they have these “hush hush” clubs that are hidden at the tops of hotels and business buildings.

Go-to Comfort food?

Fette Sau in Williamsburg. Another place would have to be Pies ’n Thighs just North of there. It’s fried chicken and homemade pies. You can’t go wrong with that place. There’s also Delaware & Hudson, also comport food and it’s Michelin rated (rated by top critics of the culinary world.)

Last thing…how do you know so much?

I actually keep a running list. I have been collecting venues for about 5 years since I moved here and I keep it updated weekly.

You can find Corey Cash on Instagram @cashonlynyc or if you’re lucky enough you may find him on StreetBuff.

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