I’m moving, and I’m going to blog about it

I haven’t blogged regularly in maybe four years. I’ve posted to twitter, tumblr, instagram, and elsewhere, but I haven’t really written anything in quite a while. Well, now I’m going to! My friend Alaina and my aunt Beth both suggested I keep a blog while moving across the country, and at first I laughed at the idea. But as it turned over in my head, keeping a journal of the move seemed like a good one. And I miss blogging! The time when I was writing Ben Cooks Everything was a great one, and though I cringe at some of the posts now, I really love having that document online. This post also made me want to start blogging again, though I think the type of blogging Conaboy is talking about in that post is different from what I plan to do (and I don’t really think anyone outside my IRL social circle will really be interested in reading any of this).

Anyway, after living in Manhattan for all but four years of my life, I’m moving to Denver, CO with my boyfriend Michael. Let’s do a blog!

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