In Search of New York Values

On January 14th during the Fox Business GOP Debate, Ted Cruz accused Donald Trump of embodying “New York values.” The remark sparked an online debate and left people asking, “what are New York’s real values?”

Twelve graduate students at NYU decided to create “NYC Values” to answer that question. We found a diverse sample of New Yorkers. We listened to their stories and got to know them — but a city’s values can’t possibly be embodied in a single person. That’s where we leave it to you.

Visitors to the “NYC Values” site are able to watch 6 video stories and vote for the values they think are represented. Is it love? Is it fame? Is it positive or negative? You tell us.

The project is scheduled to launch on May 5th. On that date, you’ll get to meet:

  1. Stephen, a barista by day and gender-bending dancer by night
  2. Bannack, a “free range kid” raised to maneuver the city on his own
  3. Melech, a poet who drops knowledge on social justice
  4. Ilona, a 96-year-old woman with a never-ending creative streak
  5. Kenny and other first responders taking Mandarin lessons
  6. Diverse language speakers, who showcase the city’s linguistic range

Each story shows a different side of New York City — sides that Ted Cruz and Donald Trump have probably never seen. “NYC Values” shows more than what airs on mainstream media. Not only that, but it does so through an interactive and innovative online experience.

Check back with us next week to learn how our Interactive Team coded and created a unique 360º menu that’s one of a kind. Then when “NYC Values” launches, explore New York City like never before.

Until then, like us on Facebook to be part of the discussion. Let us know what you think New York values are.