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OpenSea’s Discord Hack

Welp…another day, another hack. But this time one of crypto’s favorite communication tools, Discord, and specifically OpenSea’s Discord was hacked, allowed threat actors to post phony NFT mint links to dupe anyone and everyone. With a message stating “insane utilities” would be provided by YouTube for those that mint the NFT, on-chain data shows 13 wallets that seem to have been compromised so far, with the most valuable stolen NFT being a Founders’ Pass worth around 3.33 ETH or $8,982.58.

Discord hacks are frustrating for the users and community as a whole. Is it time to move to another service that prefers to put security into the forefront, instead of worrying about how many users will opt for their premium Nitro service? 🤔

Written by: nikethereum.eth




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