This Week’s Winners and Losers in Crypto — March 31st

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I actually enjoyed writing last week’s so much, that I decided to do this again, as I noticed MANY winner’s and loser’s in crypto this week. Hope everyone enjoys it!

Another big week in crypto. Let’s jump into it TLDR-style:

Biggest Winner: Euler Finance

The massive hack that recently rocked Euler Finance, has become less and less impactful as the hacker is sending back portions of their haul back to Euler, causing the token price to rise towards it’s meteoric heights of $4+.

Big, yet somber, win for the Euler community!

Biggest Winner: XRP Holders

Ripple, the company behind XRP, seems to be in a VERY good position to FINALLY get their SEC securities case dismissed.

Although this has been the news for the last 2.5 years, it seems even more likely that the SEC will settle the case (soon).

XRP has been on an upward trajectory for the last 2 weeks.

XRP holders rejoice (for now)!

Biggest(ish) Winner: BTC

Banking collapses = bullish BTC patterns.

BTC has been exploding, hitting highs that we haven’t seen since early 2022.

Although the price has plateaued in the latter half of this week, deflationary crypto is looking very hot this week!

Biggest Loser: KOKO Holders

Kokomo Finance, a lending DeFi protocol on Optimism, has apparently pulled a rug on its’ users.

The protocol website and social media handles all went dark as well, with the token dropping more than 95% in value in minutes.

Biggest Loser: Brandon Riley

Sorry Brandon, you made the list only because of your crappy situation:

Web3 is all about experiments and pushing limits, but sometimes things can really mess up. In this case, wrapping an NFT and mistakenly sending it to a burn address.

The community has come together to help him create it into a Bitcoin ordinal, but still the (monetary) damage has been done.

Biggest Loser(s): CZ, Binance, and possibly all of cryptoverse

The loser of the week is CZ and Binance. Since the FTX collapse, the fear of the biggest crypto domino falling has been keeping everyone shaking in their boots.

The lawsuit put against CZ and Binance could be considered by some as frivolous, but the true terror in this situation are other Binance-related infractions that could be uncovered, possibly causing an FTX-style implosion.

Binance reserves are massive, and if Binance is found to be guilty of violating laws much in the way that FTX did, then this could send all of crypto into a deep winter slumber.

Crossing fingers this doesn’t happen, for the sake of cryptoverse!

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