130 Brilliant Home Organisation Tips and Tricks

Originally posted: 130 Brilliant Home Organisation Tips and Tricks

Want to where to start organising your home and more importantly, stay organised? We’ve got 130 awesome home organisation tips and tricks filtered by the different areas of the house, so you can start ticking them off the list when you can fit them in.

1. Have an ‘in-tray’ for important paperwork that needs to be dealt with immediately such as permission slips.

Home Tip #1

2. Keep all of your instruction manuals together in one binder.

Home Tip #2

3. Keep all of your take-away menus together in one binder.

Home Tip #3

4. Use a charging station to keep all devices charged while preventing the wires getting tangled.

Home Tip #4

5. Hang a shopping list on the fridge, then add to it as you run out of items so that you don’t forget anything.

Home Tip #5

6. Keep a list of toiletries that you need on your phone so that you can add them to your shopping list without forgetting any.

Home Tip #6

7. Put hooks on the inside of the cupboard doors so bags of fresh garlic/onions can be hung up and made more easily accessible.

Home Tip #7

8. Waste less by putting new fruit and veg underneath the older ones so that they are used before they begin to rot.

Home Tip #8

9. Recycle small glass jars and use them to store cotton buds and hair ties.

Home Tip #9

10. Store hand/bath towels rolled up in a basket in the bathroom so they are avaliable as needed.

Home Tip #10

11. Store kids bath toys in a mesh bag and hang to drain.

Home Tip #11

12. Use a shower organiser and only store the essentials in it, e.g. shampoo, conditioner, body wash.

Home Tip #12

13. Pour left over shampoo into a new bottle, removing the risk of running out mid shower.

Home Tip #13

14. Keep cleaning products in a plastic caddy — this will also prevent them from falling over.

Home Tip #14

15. Allocate kids a towel set by colour, making sorting laundry much easier.

Home Tip #15

16. Get a bench with hidden storage under the seat.

Home Tip #16

17. Use a combination of shelves and wooden baskets to effectively store clutter.

Home Tip #17

18. Store kids toys in large plastic containers and label according to category.

Home Tip #18

19. Store your favourite pages from magazines in a plastic folder, recycle the rest.

Home Tip #19

20. Store plastic bags inside a tissue box until they are needed.

Home Tip #20

21. Hang a chalk board or whiteboard in the kitchen for reminders.

Home Tip #21

22. Get a magnetic strip mounted on the wall to hold your keys.

Home Tip #22

23. Get a jewellery tree to hang necklaces from so that they don’t get tangled.

Home Tip #23

24. Keep a folder of cards for all occassions so that you have a backup for special events.

Home Tip #24

25. Use draw organisers or ice cube trays to keep your hair clips and makeup organised.

Home Tip #25

26. Use white address label stickers to label what each wire in the power bar is for.

Home Tip #26

27. Use a shoe organizer to organise small kids toys and art supplies.

Home Tip #27

28. Use biscuit tins to store art suplies and crayons.

Home Tip #28

29. Fold and store the fitted sheet, duvet sheet and pillowcase inside the second pillowcase.

Home Tip #29

30. Cut out the panel at the end of a shoe box. You can then stack your shoes away and still have easy access to them.

Home Tip #30

31. Organise your wardrobe into categories such as type, colour or occasion for quick and easy access to your clothes.

Home Tip #31

32. Hang hooks on the door to make use of vertical space for frequently used items.

Home Tip #32

33. Organise and group similar items by use case like a chef — e.g. cooking, cleaning, prep, storage.

Home Tip #33

34. Use labelled separators when filing paperwork so you can easily find important documents.

Home Tip #34

35. Group important documents together by use case — e.g. travel, insurance, medical.

Home Tip #35

36. Recycle gift-wrap ribbons by using them to tie up loose cords in your utility closet.

Home Tip #36

37. Use dedicated scarf, tie and belt holders in your wardrobe to separate clothing categories.

Home Tip #37

38. Keep a recipe book with a folder at the back so that you can store printed recipes.

Home Tip #38

39. Make space by putting your CDs in organizers and ordering by genre, artist or year of release.

Home Tip #39

40. Buy a hotel-style hairdryer that can be installed on the wall to save space, time and energy in a small bathroom.

Home Tip #40

41. Use an extra wine rack to hold rolled-up magazines.

Home Tip #41

42. Shrink-wrap out of season clothes, blankets and duvets to save space while storing.

Home Tip #42

43. Use the reusable vinyl zip pouches that came with your sheets to store cloth napkins. Use one pouch per set and label the quantity with a Sharpie.

Home Tip #43

44. Stash kids’ art supplies on a lazy Susan so everything is easily accessible.

Home Tip #44

45. Organise household bills by month in a binder.

Home Tip #45

46. Hold onto paint chips, fabric and swatches from your last redecorating session. You may need to reference them later.

Home Tip #46

47. Have a shoe rack beside the front door so that shoes aren’t left in a pile or scattered all over the house.

Home Tip #47

48. Keep piggy banks in the kitchen & living room so that there aren’t piles of change laying around and you save without realising.

Home Tip #48

49. Get an automatic hose reel that winds itself up so save time and effort when gardening.

Home Tip #49

50. Choose: wire, plastic or wood hangers and unify them in each closet.

Home Tip #50

51. Use pillboxes to stash your earrings and rings when traveling.

Home Tip #51

52. Tie ribbon loops on the end of broom and mop poles and hang them from hooks in your closet, garage or utility closet.

Home Tip #52

53. Keep all of your party supplies in one box stored in the garage/loft that can be pulled out as needed and then returned.

Home Tip #53

54. Burn digital images to CD once a month so you’ll never lose them if your computer crashes — unless they’re being stored in the cloud.

Home Tip #54

55. Get a paper shredder for efficient shredding of no longer needed documents.

Home Tip #55

56. Keep at least one spare of each of your toiletries in case you were to run out unexpectedly.

Home Tip #56

57. Store a box of wrapping paper, ribbons and cellotape that can be only accessed for occasional gift wrapping.

Home Tip #57

58. Plan meals for the week before you do your weekly shop to prevent any food waste and minimise unnecessary spending.

Home Tip #58

59. Keep a flashlight accessible, e.g. in a kitchen draw, in the case of a power cut.

Home Tip #59

60. Use sticky notes, an organizer or a smartphone up to manage important to-do’s.

Home Tip #60

61. Place all accessories such as hair spray and lotion in a plastic tub and store in the cupboard until they’re needed.

Home Tip #61

62. Install a magnetic strip in your medicine cabinet and hang tweezers, nail clippers and scissors from it.

Home Tip #62

63. Install hooks on a wall or the back of your bathroom door for towels and robes.

Home Tip #63

64. Place baskets in your closet for laundry and dry cleaning.

Home Tip #64

65. Organize your cabinets into several categories such as plates, glasses, plastic containers, etc.

Home Tip #65

66. Group your foods together in the pantry — keeping like items together — for easy access and inventory assessment.

Home Tip #66

67. Put packets of gravy, Jell-O, and other sauces in a basket on a shelf.

Home Tip #67

68. Purchase stackable containers to maximize your cupboard space.

Home Tip #68

69. Get in the habit of cleaning out your refrigerator every time you bring home groceries.

Home Tip #69

70. Put a waterproof clock in the bathroom so you have no excuse to be late

Home Tip #70

71. Keep a stepstool in the bottom of your wardrobe so that you can quickly reach higher shelves.

Home Tip #71

72. Hang a flat organiser with transparent pockets inside your closet door.

Home Tip #72

73. Take advantage of underused hall space with floor-to-ceiling shelves.

Home Tip #73

74. Colour code keys for different areas of the house so that it is easy to find them in a rush.

Home Tip #74

75. Use drawer dividers to separate lights from darks, scarves from belts, or socks from underwear.

Home Tip #75

76. Make use of corner shelves in smaller rooms to make them feel bigger.

Home Tip #76

77. Organise your books by colour.

Home Tip #77

78. If you’re lacking in space but want a bookshelf, try getting shallow shelves and storing the books face out.

Home Tip #78

79. If desk space is an issue, wall-mount your computer screen.

Home Tip #79

80. Store your utensils near to where they are used, e.g. knives next to the chopping board, pots and pans next to the stove.

Home Tip #80

81. Does that breadmaker really get used? Consider storing large appliances that are rarely used in the cupboard until needed.

Home Tip #81

82. Store cooking equipment that you use most regularly at eye level for easy access.

Home Tip #82

83. Keep things such as tea, coffee, and sugar in see-through jars so you can easily see if they need replenishing.

Home Tip #83

84. Consider storing special-occasion dinnerware away from the kitchen if it’s not used often.

Home Tip #84

85. Store cups and saucers together — it allows them to be stacked higher, saving room, as well as looking better.

Home Tip #85

86. Use lazy susans when storing spices to maximise space in cupboards.

Home Tip #86

87. Get an under-shelf wire rack to put over a shelf to take advantage of the free space below in the cupboard.

Home Tip #87

88. The heat and humidity in a bathroom can cause certain medicines to lose potency before they expire.

Home Tip #88

89. Use adjustable shelves in your wardrobe so you can alter it as needed.

Home Tip #89

90. Install shelves in the bottom of your wardrobe so you can easily access your shoes.

Home Tip #90

91. Make use of high ceilings by storing out of season clothing/bags up high.

Home Tip #91

92. If the inside of your wardrobe is dark, install lights to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Home Tip #92

93. Scan important documents onto your computer to prevent loss and save room.

Home Tip #93

94. Create photo albums for milestone events and store them somewhere accessible such as a bookcase.

Home Tip #94

95. Don’t use photo albums with adhesive backings as it can make them difficult to remove later and affect the colour of the photograph.

Home Tip #95

96. Use a cutlery sorting tray in the bathroom to organise the families dental supplies such as tooth brushes and floss.

Home Tip #96

97. Use magnetic strips to store bobby pins, tweezers and nail clippers.

Home Tip #97

98. Get a locker in the garage for each family member to keep messy things in, e.g. wellies.

Home Tip #98

99. Use a magnetic strip to hold drill bits.

Home Tip #99

100. Use overhead storage racks in the garage to make use of the extra head space.

Home Tip #100

101. Use a peg board to store your tools for easy access.

Home Tip #101

102. An Ottoman bed can dramatically increase storage space in your bedroom.

Home Tip #102

103. A hollow footstool can be used to store magazines, newspapers and TV remotes.

Home Tip #103

104. Make use of the space under the coffee table by keeping a storage basket underneath for magazines and other clutter.

Home Tip #104

105. Less is more when it comes to photos in the living room — too many will make it look untidy.

Home Tip #105

106. Organise your spices by cuisine, and put the more frequently used ones at the front.

Home Tip #106

107. If you’re lacking in towel storage, invest in some towel hooks. They’re inexpensive and conserve space.

Home Tip #107

108. Purchase a drawer organiser and categorise your make up — e.g. lips, eyes and face.

Home Tip #108

109. Make use of the space above your toilet by installing a cabinet — it’s the ideal place for storing spare toilet rolls.

Home Tip #109

110. Hang bikes, skateboards, tools, etc. on the wall in the garage to increase the amount of avaliable floor space.

Home Tip #110

111. If you haven’t worn an item of clothing in more than a year, consider donating it to charity to keep your wardrobe organised.

Home Tip #111

112. Keep a maximum of three sets of sheets for each bed — one set on the bed, one in the laundry and one in storage.

Home Tip #112

113. Store spare chargers and extension cords in a box, separated by upright toilet roll tubes so that they don’t tangle.

Home Tip #113

114. Install a bar across the cupboard under the sink to hang cleaning products from by the handle.

Home Tip #114

115. Arrange folded t-shirts horizontally so that they won’t get creased every time you remove one.

Home Tip #115

116. If you’re always losing your bobby pins, store them in an empty tic-tac case.

Home Tip #116

117. Store your most needed tools closest to your cooking area for efficient prep.

Home Tip #117

118. Store tupperware inside eachother to conserve space.

Home Tip #118

119. Hang pots and pans on hooks to conserve storage space.

Home Tip #119

120. Put your spices in metal containers and stick them on magnetic strips on the inside of a cupboard door.

Home Tip #120

121. Use pan dividers to make it easier to access your pans.

Home Tip #121

122. Use velcro to stick kids teddies to the inside of their wardrobe — make sure the soft side is on the teddy so they arent rough.

Home Tip #122

123. Storing your cosmetics on a lazy susan is a great way to make it easier to access them.

Home Tip #123

124. Put colour coded tags on towels if they are all the same colour so the family can keep track of which towel is theirs.

Home Tip #124

125. Create a hair caddy with a hairdryer, brushes, combs, etc. and store it under the sink.

Home Tip #125

126. Get an extendable under sink shelf organiser to maximise the space.

Home Tip #126

127. Purchase a magnetic board, then stick magnets to your makeup so that it can be stored vertically.

Home Tip #127

128. Clean your oven by mixing baking soda and water, then paste inside your over. Leave to dry for 4 hours then scrape out.

Home Tip #128

129. Natural light can give the illusion of space. Combine minimalism with small statement pieces to give your room character.

Home Tip #129

130. Create a personal care package that includes first aid, nail care, dental supplies and travel accessories.

Home Tip #130