Founder of the Week: Manish Katyan

“Person-to-person recruiting for schools is not the most effective method—there needs to be a technology-driven solution.”

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Manish Katyan, Co-Founder and CEO of Admission Table, is an entrepreneur in technology and education.

Born in Jamshedpur, the most populous urban city in the Indian state of Jharkhand, Manish wishes to see changes in the way Indian students choose the universities they apply for and ultimately attend.

Manish received his MBA from the Indian Institute of Management and his Bachelor of Technology from IIT.

Upon completion of his studies he went to work for Manipal Education, a learning resource development center in Bangalore. As the Deputy General Manager of Marketing, Manish set up a centralized student counseling center to integrate lead generation channels — enabling admission counselors to quickly address inquiries from students effectively and in a personalized manner.

From his time at Manipal Education plus additional professional experiences in the education sectors of India, Manish observed that not much has been done in new technology to better university recruitment. He says “person to person recruiting for schools is not the most effective method—there needs to be a technology-driven solution to create personalized and effective ways to help students at a larger scale.”

In 2013 Manish co-founded Admission Table to solve this problem — a real-time admission counseling app where students can get their targeted universities shortlisted by expert admission counselors and get one-on-one personalized assistance.

With roots in engineering, Manish has a passion for building — he wishes to use this skill to make an improvement in peoples’ lives. Making access to education simple is one way he hopes to make a positive change on the world.

Check out Manish’s company: Admission Table.

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