Why Nyxion.ai?

Reach your consumers with AI-powered email marketing service, 100x cheaper.

Sep 9, 2020 · 3 min read

Business, either small or big, swear by email marketing because it generates $38 for $1 spent. It is the reason why the number of emails sent and received every day in 2017 climbed to 269 billion and the number touched 306.4 billion in the year 2020. Experts project the figure to reach 347.3 billion by 2023. If you search about effective email marketing service. But the charges force you to step back.


Nyxion is a platform that not only gives you a comprehensive platform for marketing emails but also allows you to send transactional emails. You don’t need to worry about the pricing, the excellent and result-oriented features will cost you 100 times lesser compared to other service providers.

  1. Email Profiling To Help You Strategise Effectively: We have got the latest technology and the best minds at our platform that would help your business reach to the next level. Our AI automated system at our platform will help you to analyse user interests without making much efforts. You don’t need to spend on different tools to get the features. Nyxion will aid you in designing your emails by reading and analysing the receiver’s behaviour to the previous mails.
Email Profiling by Nyxion.ai

2. AI Powered Insights For Better Planning: An understanding end to end-user behaviour journey helps to plan for the next steps. Targeting the right set for people for a specified is important and makes all the difference. You can effortlessly do it with Nyxion.ai. Our risk management scores save you from targeting the wrong audience.

3. Customised Expert Advice Only For You: System also suggests scheduling the emails and optimize open and click-through rates (what else a business can ask for). Moreover, you can also measure the effectiveness of each mail from the statistics, monthly reports and AI powered analytics dashboard.

4. Send Emails Quickly and securely: You have a myriad of options to introduce quick integration into your email marketing process-SMTP, APIs, NyxionAI console. NyxionAI authentication options such as Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) confirms your right to send on behalf of your domain. You can scale your business through our platform. We give you the freedom of paying only for what you use with NyxionAI, regardless of use case or sending volume.

Want to upscale your business most cost-effectively? Sign up now. It is just a game of 5 minutes.

  • Easy Sign up
  • Setup Sending Address
  • Create or Upload contacts
  • Start creating campaigns
  • Watch & Analyse ongoing campaigns

Starting a business and making it big becomes easier with valuable tools like Nyxion.ai.

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