Chocolate Pudding

a mixture of things & a lesson from 2nd grade

Everyone knows a Hubert; the kid in the 2nd grade who was completely rambunctious, obnoxious, hilarious and gross at the same time. He was the worst behaved student: swearing in public, breaking every rule, standing up against the system. He was the kid we were embarrassed for, and looked up to, at the same time. Whether you were Hubert, were best friends with Hubert, or hated Hubert didn’t matter. He captured a little respect in all our hearts, and became a legend.

And we all still know Huberts in our lives. Like our 2nd grade selves, we respect and hate Huberts. Their ability to ignore what everyone else thinks and go against the grain is admired. Their loud voices overshadow opposing opinions in a way that's hated, but their sway over groups of people is respected.

I don’t give opinions because they are commonly agreed upon. I say what I feel. -Kanye West

With their air of self confidence, they could convince everyone that Hot Wheels are no longer in, and that it's all about the 3D printing space. That no one cared about hydroelectric fields, and that marbles were the future. Huberts, when dared to eat their Snack Pack chocolate pudding with Cheetos, pretzels, and cheese, find no difficulty. They grab challenges by the horns, and never succumb.

But Hubert never really graduates from our lives (even though they barely graduated from elementary school). Its crucial to understand that every student in that classroom has the potential to cause ruckus and break the status quo. The little boy in the corner coloring, not daring to crayon outside the lines, could be a impressionist painter. The girl putting together a lego set perfectly and efficiently following instructions, could revolutionize sustainable living as we know it, never using a manual again.

The one lesson to gain from Hubert is that expression of ideas is critical — for communicating and sharing groundbreaking information. Not to care about judgement, or possible backlash, but to do things because you enjoy them and want to share them.

Understand that if, like a Hubert, you act and pretend like you know what you’re doing, everyone around you will think you do. They might hate you for it, they might respect you for it, they might suck up to you because of it. But in the end of the day, you will get you ideas across and you will accomplishing your goals.

Nour Eldien Eldifrawy is a former Hubert, and is currently a junior year studying Materials Science & Engineering at UC Berkeley with a passion for accessible education, clean energy security, and food. Follow him on twitter or instagram