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Create things, tell people

From childhood, we are innately obsessed with stacking, breaking, and re-stacking our LEGOs and Linking Logs in many different orientations. A lot of our efforts in life involve building and making things. Fundamentally, humans are connected towards creation as a form of self-expression that is unique— even something as simple as cooking a meal allows us to create and concoct using different variables of food, flavors, and spices. Our ability to connect different things to give us distinct results allows us to build the world forward into the future.

Making things progresses us towards tomorrow. You should never stop building and mixing because the world needs new and fresh things in order to further our understanding of different fields and areas. By encouraging a culture of building things, humanity advances and we, as individuals, realize our passion with which to propel ourselves forward. More and more creation gives us more and more purpose and that in turn makes us more creative. Each new creation follows the progression of how we came to evolve.

The world around us has been created by us and those before us. By making stuff, we empower ourselves to create impact and value. Keep making things — it goes without saying, but this serves as a valuable reminder that we strive to create new and fresh pieces of work to better our world and find purpose.

Zuhayeer Musa is a second year computer science major at UC Berkeley. Follow him on Twitter at:

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