The Proximity of Challenge

Knowing not to know

Keeping people who challenge your status quo around you is a crucial component to excelling. It is easy to become complacent with our state of being, our own measurement of success. But since a young age, our parents have made us try new things, with or against our will. They have helped us strive academically, socially, personally, all the while offering an air of comfort, a comfortable reality where you don’t feel judged, where you know the softest spot on the all the couches, where food is hot and ready for you moments before you realize you’re hungry

But for most people, after moving out of their homes, life veers into a different path. You are dumped into independance. Many people slip into a monotony of daily routine, finding a comfortable point, and resting there. Most don’t even reach that point, and are constantly battered between lifestyles, just trying to slip into routine.

But it’s crucial to find a support system outside of the familiarity of your house. Thinking critically and being challenged is of paramount importance to growth as an individual. Question everything. Question your purpose, your vision, your actions. And once you finish questioning yourself, question others. Question teachers, books, the news. Question this article. Develop a moldable conviction, an open-mindedness that isn’t susceptible to sensationalism. Reason with both emotion and logic. Have confidence in your reasoning and trust your gut. And if you’re challenged, and you will be, defend your ideas with fire, and don’t be afraid of change

Nour Eldien Eldifrawy is a second year studying Materials Science & Engineering at UC Berkeley with a passion for accessible education, clean energy security, and food. Follow him on twitter or instagram