The Work that Doesn’t Show

Moments of recognition are in large part decided by those around you. You may receive coverage or gain a great influx of users one day and suddenly people start to give you high fives and shoutouts. That always feels pretty nice, right?

It’s imperative that we don’t forget all the efforts leading up to these moments. Each move and measure which contributed to growing your product has had an impact and got you to where you stand. Often times, commemorating a single moment, makes that moment signify “success” and people end up striving for these moments without any true reason, cheating their way there, instead of working behind the scenes to grow and iterate.

In order to drive value, every piece of the journey has to have a reason which contributes back to what you’ve built. Most of the time these parts of the journey are spent without recognition or mass acknowledgment. But these are the times where important decisions are made, your idea is cradled and developed, and actual visions are brought to life.

Reach for milestones, but always remember that it’s in the journey.

Zuhayeer Musa is a second year computer science major at UC Berkeley. Follow him on Twitter at:

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