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Can art add to a conservation message?

I’d like to think it can. Let me explain.

In the quest to help protect a species, SMEC wanted to illustrate the plight of the Growling Grass Frog 🐸 in a master-planned development in a unique way.

The blank canvas of an O fountain provided the opportunity to highlight the dilemma facing the frogs whilst also acting as a contemporary water refilling point for the community.

Located as a feature of Newgate’s Growling Grass Frog Conservation bio-retention reserve it’s an example of how art can add a layer of interest whilst also highlighting an environmental issue and creating nuance within a green space.

The O initiative uses art as a connector. Each project is adapted to issues important to the community with the end result being a contemporary piece of art that encourages everyone to use tap water when enjoying our green areas.


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