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How do you explain and verbalise the zeitgeist of the moment? Do you seek the views of others like me, often through books?

Sarah Wilson’s latest book, “This One Wild and Precious Life” captures beautifully the mood of the moment. “The virus was an interruption. It got us to pause and question our lives. For many of us, the trappings and habits of our ‘business as usual’ existence were stripped back, exposing our itchy despair and disconnect and the fault lines in our culture and society.”

So true…

She gracefully encourages us to tap into this disconnect and offers a radically hopeful path forward that helps us reconnect with what’s important. Embracing discomfort, breaking the cycle of mindless consumption and hiking in nature features prominently.

She also calls for us to practice “wild activism” — because with only a small percentage of the population, we can create the change we want to see. I wholeheartedly support this.

That’s why one way to implement The O initiative in your project is to use the O fountain as a tool to bring communities together. The impact of community groups leaning into their power, creating a symbol of what the future means to them, creates a ripple effect of change.

What have you been reading that inspires you at the moment?



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