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Indigenous culture is full of stories about growth, change and transformation.

In challenging times it’s relevant that we hear and see more of them.

As part of the Rail Projects Victoria Ballarat Line Upgrade, artists Fiona Clarke and Ken McKean were commissioned to interpret and reflect the heritage of the area.

Their creative designs are placed throughout, including on our latest #Ofountain at Cobblebank station.

The art showcases a story based on the Journey of the Eel and the Eel season. This is an account about traditional indigenous seasons passed down from the Kulin Nation, the traditional custodians of the land.

It turns out that an eel’s journey is vast, over 10,000 miles.

They breed in the coral sea off northern Queensland and travel to Victoria and into the Yarra River. Along the way they transform then adapt to freshwater from saltwater as they migrate.

This ability to adapt, to change fits in well with where we are as a collective right now.

Here at The O initiative we believe that transformation, being open to change and learning from Indigenous cultures will help create the future we need.

This was a collaboration between many (see comments). It takes a village to create positive change, thanks everyone!




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Gretha Oost

I’m a product designer, innovator, and environmental advocate dedicated to creating sustainable art projects that are both functional and beautiful.