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VISION 2050 //

9+ billion people living well, within planetary 🌏 boundaries, by 2050.

That’s the vision set out by the WBCSD — World Business Council for Sustainable Development in their VISION 2050 report and agreed to by 40 member companies.

To achieve this, massive transformation is required.

Rather than be overwhelmed, to me, it represents a story of opportunity.

In recent posts I’ve focused on the idea of businesses stepping up, shifting their mindsets and being open to new perspectives. (see links in 1st comment)

To see so many global organisations commit to WBCSG’s Vision 2050 is a positive development.

These ideas are not a ‘utopian ideal’. They are feasible, attainable and gathering steam.

The transformation requires radical ambition and businesses are perfectly positioned to contribute to the vision by focusing on value creation rather than value extraction.

The O initiative offers a scalable platform for companies keen to drive the transformation that helps enable communities to begin this shift, bottom-up; a true 3-P partnership between people, the private and public sectors

I look forward to seeing how the O initiative can collaborate with these forward-thinking organisations and speed up this transformation to ensure we attain Vision 2050.



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Gretha Oost

I’m a product designer, innovator, and environmental advocate dedicated to creating sustainable art projects that are both functional and beautiful.