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“Wouldn’t it be amazing if…”

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Shout out this morning to the #SquigglyCareer ladies, Sarah Ellis & Helen Tupper for this fantastic phrase to help us to pivot our thoughts and for their latest podcast episode about #Emotional #Agility.

….and their #PodPlus (what a great way to get more learning out of podcasts!!) episode this morning, which focused on this topic, was great too.

How can you respond with curiosity rather than being critical?

Is this about me? What will people think of me?

Inner critic words can be combated by putting in place, and encouraging, an “INNER COACH”.

Act in accordance with your values. How would I respond if I acted with my values in mind? Take learning as a value… what can I learn? How can I improve for next time? What can I do in this moment so that the other person can learn?

If you are feeling that your emotions are getting the better of you / over-taking you... what stories can you tell yourself about a success that you’ve recently had that will help you to come out of the storm and into the calm. Write it down for 7 minutes*.

Set goals that help you to be emotionally agile — be careful about rigid goal setting, i.e. remove the “shoulds”, “musts” and “need tos”. Set goals that you are really motivated by.

Join over 140,000 quiz takers and get your free Emotional Agility report thanks to Susan David.

Bring levity to the situation… Follow the Molly & Liz instagram. Check out this post, for example.

The only thing I want to query is the phrase ‘over-thinking’… it’s a bit problematic, I find, as it’s really difficult to not think!!!!!... Can anyone think (!) of a better phrase to describe the rumination process??

(*Sarah — could you offer a link to the reference to someone called James’s concept about the 7 minute window? I didn’t quite catch his name).



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