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10,000 O3 GIVEAWAY

Dear O3ers, we’re kicking off our 10,000 $O3 GIVEAWAY event to showcase ‘O3 Cross-Chain Wallet’ to the world, celebrate the launch of O3 Cross-Chain Wallet and the upcoming release of O3 Interchange!🎊

O3 cross-chain wallet is a dedicated one-stop digital asset management and cross-chain trading platform that is suitable for everyone. The built-in cross-chain bridge in the wallet aggregates liquidity from multiple DEXs, and allows DeFi users to exchange their cross-chain assets freely with one click in their wallets.

Now, come join our party together!

🏆Prize Pool: 10,000 O3

Event time: May 12th to May 22th 24:00 (UTC)

🙋‍♀️How to Participate: To participate in this event, you need to first go to Givelab (link), register your account via Discord or Twitter, and complete the unlocked and locked tasks listed below to maximize your chances of winning:

  1. Download O3 cross-chain wallet and submit your BEP-20 wallet address (click here for the download tutorial);
  2. Join the official Discord, complete the Captcha in #verify channel, and submit your Discord username;
  3. Follow @O3_Labs on Twitter, retweet the pinned tweet and tag three friends;
  4. Other locked tasks (Need to explore yourself)

An example of task completion is as follows:

Make sure to complete as many tasks as you can in Givelab to maximize your chances of winning. Once the event ends, 100 winners will be picked automatically by using the system of Givelabs called ‘AutoPick’ and each winner will get 100 O3 (unlocked).

The rewards will be distributed to the address of O3 cross-chain wallet that you submitted within 15 days after the event ends (the rewards will be sent on the BNB Chain). Winners will need to switch to the BNB chain to check the rewards.

Please remember, you must not change your Discord and Twitter username before the list of winners is announced. Once you receive your O3, you are welcomed to exchange it to another digital asset on o3swap.com!


The O3 Labs team reserves the right to make the final decision on the outcome of this event.



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