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O3Labs 2020 Annual Report

In a matter of hours, the world will collectively celebrate the birth of the 2021 New Year! While the current chapter may finally be coming to close, it’s not likely to be forgotten anytime soon. 2020 was a challenging year for most of humanity, and our work at O3 Labs was no exception.

Looking back to assess the results of our work, the journey is both humbling and encouraging.

First, we welcomed some new additions to our team. Shortly after that we unveiled our rejuvenated O3 Brand, equipped with a bold new logo and improved color scheme. These achievements would then be followed by the release of our new wallet application, in conjunction with the rollout of a fully redesigned official website, and a multi-platform expansion and growth of our user community. Lastly, with the year’s end approaching, we broadened our appeal by increasing the market cap of O3 supported assets from a modest 1.3 billion dollar to the current market cap of O3 supported assets which exceed 600 Billion USD; The sizable increase results from adding support for the Ethereum and Bitcoin networks.

With all things considered, we see these achievements as having established a solid foundation which will allow us to continue our growth pattern and success as we move closer toward our goal of becoming an industry-leading multi-chain wallet.

A notable portion of our success can also be attributed to the high prioritization and focus that we have placed on our community. Establishing and developing strong personal relationships with our users and fans.

Having summarized many of our notable achievements, let’s take a more detailed look at how the year unfolded and how we got to where we are today.

Q1 January — March

  • The O3 team underwent significant changes. Key team members departed and bid farewell to the community.
  • The O3 Wallet iOS application was removed from the AppStore due to trademark challenge by ‘O2’ in the UK.

Q2 April — June


Q3 July — September

  • O3 unveiled our new brand, with a bold new logo and improved color scheme;
  • Official website O3.network released a redesigned version, helping define our brand positioning and strategic goals of the O3 project. Outlined our vision and released the O3 roadmap.
  • The O3 community was upgraded and a public telegram group was created. The telegram is also used as a first-line technical support HQ to improve the user experience.
  • The new version of O3 wallet for Android, iOS, and desktop is released, with new UI & UX design and multilingual with English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Users can download and use O3 Wallet through App Store and Google Play directly.
  • O3 Explore announced a strategic cooperation with the Neotube team to develop the Neo3 browser.
  • O3 Labs becomes one of the leading Switcheo TradeHub Validators
  • The O3 desktop wallet is announced as an official partner Wallet for the launch of Flamingo Finance. Users can connect to flamingo through O3 to participate in a series of operations such as mining.


Q4 October — December

  • O3 Wallet releases support for 100+ erc20 tokens such as USDT, LINK, DAI, and provided dapi to support Defi applications into the testing phase.
  • O3 Wallet releases support for Bitcoin network. The #1 crypto asset in use.
  • O3 Wallet desktop version supports Neo3 test-net.
  • O3 has deployed several new Neo full nodes, with a new full node service solution.
  • O3 Wallet added security audits and alerts for NEP-5 assets.
  • Launched a new transfer notification system to allow users to better receive transfer-related news.
  • Added 20+ dapps to the web3 enabled discovery browser.
  • Added Coindesk,BTC Manager to the news module.


With a sense of relief that 2020 is finally over, we can say that O3’s best days are ahead of us, not behind. We are fortunate to have such a dedicated and passionate team pushing us forward with every day. We are even more gracious to have the trust and support of 100,000+ O3 Wallet users around the globe.

We remain committed to the ideologies of decentralization, financial empowerment of the masses, autonomy, and advocacy of the O3 Community.

The best has yet to come for O3 Labs!



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