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Icing Sugar Mining #4

To celebrate the O3 swap cross-chain aggregator has completely deployed on Polygon and express the support on Polygon, we would like to start Icing Sugar Mining #4 on July 29th, 2021. We are thrilled to establish mining pools with Polygon partners, which are QuickSwap, DFyn, Beefy Finance, Aave, Kyber Network, PolyDoge, and Polycat Finance.

Now Stake TOKENs, to earn $O3.

Details are as below:

Duration: 240,000 Polygon blocks (around 6 days)

Staking start time: 4:00 am UTC, 29th July, 2021

Rewards start time: 4:00 pm UTC, 29th July, 2021

O3 token address: 0xEe9801669C6138E84bD50dEB500827b776777d28

Stake your $TOKEN at: https://o3swap.com/vault

🍨Icing Sugar Pools: $WMATIC, $QUICK, $DFYN, $BIFI

Total rewards: 232,000 (58,000 O3 per pool)

Rewards Distribution Table

🍨Icing Sugar Pools: $AAVE, $KNC, $POLYDOGE, $FISH

Total rewards: 116,000 (29,000 O3 per pool)

Rewards Distribution Table

Event Overview:

  • During the event period, Users who stake $TOKEN on the O3 Swap Vault are eligible to get $O3 as mining rewards.
  • Start early for maximum rewards. The pools open to stake 12 hours ahead of generating rewards.
  • $O3 Tokens rewarded from mining are locked, which need to be unlocked by providing liquidity on QuickSwap. Unlock Guide

More Infos:

O3 Docs (User Guide)

O3 Official Twitter

O3 Official Telegram

Discord Staking & Mining Channel



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