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O3 Board Invitation

ear O3ers, we are always thinking about how to establish deeper communication with users so that users can more directly participate in the development and design of our blockchain products. O3 Interchange is our answer to user feedback and criticism. It is a community-driven protocol, whose design adheres closely to the feedback we received from the community. In addition to aggregating the source chain’s DEX liquidity, O3 Interchange also aggregates the target chain’s DEX liquidity, which means that users will have more choices for cross-chain assets and networks.

Since O3 Interchange is about to launch, we hope to have more direct communication with loyal and frequent users of our products so as to create products that can better meet the needs of users. Therefore, we decided to establish O3 Board — O3’s most trusted delegates. This channel is different from the general channel which is for all users, it is open to O3 Board members only. Each user who wants to join needs to sign up first and pass our review. We hope that users who join O3 Board are both O3 holders (minimum 1003 O3 holdings) and can also participate in our product’s iterative testing process to create better products for our users and stand alongside us as we grow!

What benefits can you enjoy as a member of the O3 Board?

All O3 Board members will not only have direct in-depth communication with O3 Swap’s product and technology developers on product issues to know the development of our project in real-time, but will also have priority to test and provide feedback about the new functions and new versions of O3 Swap. In this channel, we support and embrace all new ideas and suggestions, provided they’re constructive.

We expect members of O3 Board to:

  • Give feedback and suggestions when each new function or iteration is launched to help us improve and polish products that give the best user experience possible.
  • Have your own opinions about the cross-chain niche or the latest trends in DeFi based on your experience and be willing to share them.
  • Have used the functions of mainstream Defi products and other cross-chain products besides O3 Swap so that we can understand the strengths and weaknesses of our own approach. We prefer an in-depth user of O3 Swap products who has dabbled with other protocols.

How to join O3 Board

Click the link below to sign up, we will invite you to join after our review: https://forms.gle/SoTK4qSRPC21XBoF8

Contact us:

O3 Official Twitter

O3 Official Discord




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