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O3 Cross-Chain Wallet — The Gateway to Web3

Today we are excited to launch the O3 cross-chain wallet, a proprietary one-stop digital asset management and cross-chain trading platform for everyone.The built-in cross-chain aggregator combines liquidity from multiple DEXs to allow DeFi users freely conduct cross-chain transactions within their wallets with one click.

Why Make a Cross-Chain Wallet?

We think there is a better way to ask this question: What’s the difference between a multi-chain wallet and a cross-chain wallet?

Well, O3 Labs firmly believes we have entered a multi-chain era, and wallets in the market have been competing for the number of blockchains they can support. Users, on the other hand, showed strong demand for a multi-chain wallet with cross-chain functions. As a result, many wallets have begun to support cross-chain swap on their Dapp. When users use a multi-chain wallet for a cross-chain exchange, they need to switch to the corresponding target network on the wallet homepage, and then enter the DApp page to finalize the cross-chain transaction. The whole process requires continuous switching of networks, and an asset exchange will only be completed after a series of manual tasks are done by the users. In a field where speed and efficiency are key to returns, such a laborious process can be an unpleasant experience for users.

Unlike a multi-chain wallet, which only focuses on supporting as many chains as possible, cross-chain wallets make asset exchange easier for users. O3’s cross-chain wallet can not only support multiple networks, but also allow users to interact with Web3 in a low-threshold, safe and convenient way to store and transfer value. The wallet is no longer limited as an asset storage tool, but has become a Defi platform that can connect to Web3.

Therefore, O3 cross-chain wallet will be one of the leading wallets on the market. As a cross-chain smart wallet, O3’s cross-chain wallet will focus on fulfilling cross-chain demands on mobile devices while simplifying a traditionally complicated experience by presenting users a smoother cross-chain experience.

Assets Management, Swap, Bridge, Gas Station… All in O3!

Safe and Reliable Digital Asset Management Service

As a mobile cross-chain smart wallet specially built for DeFi users, we have always been committed to providing users with 100% non-custodial, safe and reliable digital asset management service.

Within the O3 cross-chain wallet, we support one-click switching of any EVM-compatible chains such as Ethereum, BNB Chain, Heco, Polygon, OKC, Arbitrum, Avalanche, etc. and custom networks. More importantly, O3 cross-chain wallet can manage encrypted assets on multiple blockchains easily and securely with only one set of mnemonic/private keys.

Handheld Cross-Chain DEX

In addition to having the basic functions of a wallet, O3 Cross-Chain Wallet has a built-in cross-chain DEX aggregator. By aggregating the liquidity of multiple DEXs, O3 Cross-Chain Wallet can not only find the most cost-effective exchange rate, but also offer plenty of choices in cross-chain assets.

Offer the Best Price

By aggregating the liquidity of several DEXs for price comparison, the most optimal price path can be obtained at any moment. Users can exchange assets at the lowest price using the most efficient transaction path.

Realize Cross-Chain Exchange of Any Asset

Through the wallet, real-time cross-chain transactions of any asymmetric native assets, and even the swap of main assets (Gas) on any EVM-compatible chain can be realized. It saves users the process of going to CEXs to buy, sell and send assets. Users can freely switch between EVM-compatible networks with ease of mind.

In the future, O3 cross-chain wallet will integrate more DEXs and cross-chain bridges to further improve efficiency.

3-in-1 Auto-shift

O3 cross-chain wallet provides users an intuitive and easy-to-use cross-chain experience by aggregating the functionalities of Swap, Bridge, Gas Station into a single magic button. Along with a smooth UI/UX, you only need to click the “Swap” button to initiate a cross-chain transaction whether you are a DeFi newbie or seasoned investor.

When a cross-chain exchange is in progress, the blank space at the bottom of the Swap page will display the progress in real-time. Of course, you can also customize the slippage.

Just like that, a safe, direct and cost-effective asset exchange is completed in O3 cross-chain wallet!

👉Download: https://o3.network/#/wallet



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