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O3 Labs Monthly Report: January 2021

Ring out the Old Year and Ring in the New Year

We are sailing through the first month of 2021. During January, the team removed some legacy features and introduced a wave of fresh features and enhanced functionality as we work towards our goals for the new year!

“Linking Distributed Networks & Exploring Open Finance”

What’s NEW?

  • Integrations with ETH DApps based on EIP1102

We’re super excited to announce that the O3 wallet (iOS & Android) now supports the bulk of Ethereum DApps; specifically the implementation of EIP1102 protocol. This means that users can connect to DeFi DApps using the web3-enabled ‘Discovery’ browser which comes integrated directly within the O3 wallet. Applicable dApps include industry-leading projects such as Compound, Sushi Swap, Curve, and dozens of others. The desktop version will support these DeFi DApps in the weeks ahead.

  • JSON Animation

In the latest iOS version, we added JSON animation in the wallet. The waiting animation during the refresh process and the transfer process is presented in the form of the O3 logo. We will optimize the user experience and detail of the wallet and provide user-friendly wallet services.

  • Supported EUR currency

Currently, iOS & Android versions support five currencies with more being added in the future. If there is an unlisted currency that you want us to add to the wallet, please feel free to join our Telegram to make the suggestion.

  • Optimized the operation of the ETH transaction

Our devs optimized the acceleration and cancellation processes for ETH transactions. Users can speed up or cancel transactions when the transactions are still in pending status. Located in the transaction history:

Desktop v3.6.0

  • Supported ETH in the desktop version
  • Supported Neo3 Preview4


  • Jan. 12 Joined Neo Podcast

NNT invited our Communications Director, Alexander to Neo Podcast EP48 for talking about the vision of O3 Labs, and more.

  • Jan. 19 NEO Price Prediction

The first community event in 2021 on Twitter: Predicting when the value of NEO will reach $50.

  • Jan. 20 O3 Live Neo3 x O3

In the second O3 Live, we invited Neo Foundation developer community specialist, Logfei Wang, and discussed various new changes and attributes of Neo’s next iteration. Check here

Our JAN Articles

We released 5 articles this month. Thanks to Tim and Alexander who contributed with great effort.


  • O3 Explorer
  • Staketology

Sneak peek

O3 Wallet will support Polkadot and Huobi ECO Chain soon, anyone interested to be a beta version tester please join our Telegram group for more information.

O3 Community Telegram group and O3 Forum are two official places for users getting started with O3 Wallet & O3 Labs. Here they can access helpful resources, review our troubleshooting guides, provide feedback, and/or interact with community members, etc.

And please remember, our O3 admins on Telegram will never initiate a private message to you.


O3 Labs Team



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