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O3 Labs Quarterly Report Jan. — Mar. 2022

From 2022, we will report the progress of O3 Labs products in the form of quarterly reports. The keyword for the team throughout Q1 was iteration, as we have been focusing on the development of O3 Interchange and Wallet 2.0. It is gratifying that the development of O3 Interchange has been completed and it is in the internal testing stage. At the same time, O3 Wallet version 2.0 — Cross-chain Wallet will also be released soon, and the new version will focus on solving users’ cross-chain needs. Swap, Bridge, Vault will all be available within O3 Wallet!

O3 Board Invitation

In 2022, we’ve shifted our community communication from Telegram to Discord. Telegram will only announce project progress and will no longer provide user support. It is worth noting that we have set up a special channel on Discord, known as O3 Board. This channel is different from the General channel for all users, O3 Board is dedicated to discussing product iteration and industry news, and is only open to loyal users of O3 Swap. So if you want to have a more in-depth conversation with O3 Labs team on product development and iteration, please click the link below to join O3 Board.

O3 Board: https://t.co/T8hkK3sWSu

O3 Discord: https://discord.com/invite/fDca6eCzvH

So What’s New?

O3 Swap

  • Bridge limit test supported Fantom, Optimism Network
  • V1 maintain and improve and optimize some user experience

NEW: O3 Interchange

O3 Swap’s Version 2, officially named ‘O3 Interchange’.

  • Completed new page design and product development
  • Adopted a new cross-chain method, the contract has been completed, and the functional test has passed
  • Completed code audit submission, audited by PeckShield
  • Passed website access contract function test
  • Entered the internal testing stage, and improve and optimize the test results accordingly
  • Released O3 Interchange litepaper, check the full introduction here👇


O3 Wallet

Latest Version:

ios 3.2.2, Android 3.3.0, Desktop 3.9.0

Download from https://o3.network/


Cross-chain Wallet will be released soon. If you would like to know what has changed in the new version of our wallet, please, check below:

  • UI/UX redesigned combined with O3 Interchange
  • The wallet functions have been fully developed
  • Version 2.0 supports free network switching and can be customized the configuration of EVM information
  • Numerous optimizations for data services
  • The wallet connection function of mobile has been upgraded and optimized
  • The functions of Bridge/Swap are being added, and will be launched soon
  • Maintained an assets repo, which stores the information contains logo and asset of the current mainstream EVM


O3 Interchange Feature Express

In February, we posted on Twitter about the development progress and features of O3 Interchange. It is the first cross-chain DEX. On O3 Interchange, it not only can conduct cross-chain exchanges between different networks of the same asset, but also support cross-chain exchanges of different assets. At the same time, on the basis of Bridge, O3 Aggregator can aggregate the liquidity in DEXs on each chain and compare prices from several DEXs connected to the aggregation to obtain the optimal price path. Additionally, we will provide a Gas Station to solve the gas fee needed on each chain. We’re looking forward to its official release.

The economic model of O3 Swap enters the transition period from V1 to V2

From January 17, the economic model of O3 Swap officially entered the transition stage from V1 to V2, which means the single token staking for O3 rewards on all networks was stopped, and the APR% of LP Mining was reduced until the launch of the official version of O3 Interchange in order to reign in a new deflationary economic model.

Integrate Coinbase/Clover Wallet

In January we got two very important partners @CoinbaseWallet and @clover_finance. We integrated Coinbase and Clover wallets with O3 Swap, which means the Coinbase/Clover users can use O3 Swap through their wallets to move assets across chains efficiently and cost-effectively between 8 networks. We look forward to having more excellent blockchain wallets to cooperate with us to provide users with an easy cross-chain experience.

O3 Swap launched HyperPay on-chain wallet

HyperPay users can search for O3 Swap on the browser to achieve a fast, convenient, and low-cost cross-chain experience.

Marketing AMA

  • On January 24, O3 Swap AMA in BittrexGlobal Telegram group
  • On February 11, O3 Swap AMA in Crown ST Telegram group
  • On March 3, the O3 interchange litepaper was interpreted in the O3 Community, and the innovative design of O3 Interchange was introduced
  • On March 9, participated in a Polaris Launchpad panel discussion hosted by Neo on YouTube on DeFi


Our community communications have been shifted to Discord so please click here to join our Discord channel.


There are 13 language channels on Discord in total: Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, Swahili, German, Italian and Indian respectively. You can choose a channel to join according to your language.

Community AMA

  • On January 20, O3 Swap AMA in O3 Arabic telegram group
  • On February 10, O3 Swap AMA in O3 Turkish telegram group

O3 Labs Team



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