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O3 Meme Time

Our staff here at O3 Labs thinks that memes are both hilarious and a terrific way to connect with our community of supporters, so we’ve decided to throw down the gauntlet and hold a meme contest for the ages. We want you, yes you, to send to your best memes involving O3 Swap, our new decentralized aggregator, our way. Visit o3swap.com for more information about our product and what it can do if you don’t already know!

So what’s in it for you?

To kick things off for our first meme competition ever, we’ll be rewarding $O3 tokens to 24 lucky winners! Top 1 meme, as judged by O3 Reddit community members, of course, will receive up to 200 O3 Tokens!!

The submission deadline is 12pm UTC 05–12–2021.

O3Labs Reddit Community


🥇1st prize: 200 O3 Tokens (1 winner)

🥈2nd prize: 100 O3 Tokens for each(3 winners)

🥉3rd prize: 20 O3 Tokens for each (20 winners)

We want you to get as creative as possible with your submissions while keeping in mind our guide for winning and what types of images, gifs, or videos we are likely to select.


🐶 Follow O3Labs on Reddit channel👉🏽 reddit.com/r/O3Labs/.

🐱 Make an image, gif, or video that sings the praises of O3 Swap and everything they can provide.

🐭 Make it catchy, funny, and memorable!

🦊Make 100% sure to send your submission to the O3 Reddit channel for everyone to vote. Each participant can only win one prize.

🐯 Tweet your meme from your Twitter account, tag @O3_labs and use the hashtag #O3MemeTime

Meme Requirements

📸 Aside from the O3 logo, refrain from using other logos. Check r/O3Labs for O3 Swap Press Kit

🎥Keep it PG, kosher, and suitable for the eyes of youngsters. We don’t want to see anything vulgar, anyone naked, or anything that will make our stomachs turn.

💽O3 isn’t going to court for you on this one! We are responsible for copyright issues, so don’t steal people’s content to use for our competition.

How we decide

Everyone can vote for their favorite memes on Reddit based on hilarity, creativity, and quality.

💚The best 1 meme that gets the most traction (likes, retweets, and comments) will get 200 O3 Tokens.

💛The second prize would be 300 O3 Tokens for 3 participants who get many impressions but not the most. (100 O3 for each)

💙The third prize is for 20 enthusiastic participants who will split a total of 400 O3 Tokens equally.

So make sure you promote your hard works to friends to increase your chances of winning!

The O3 team looks forward to seeing your memes and wishes you a ton of luck in winning the contest!

*Rewards will be distributed 15 days after the end of the event.

Contact Us:

O3 Telegram
O3 Discord
O3 Twitter



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